A transparent group photo of Webkinz dolls. From left to right is a grey and white cat, panda bear, cocker spaniel dog, and pink pig.

Left to right: Gray, Pandy, Brownie, Piggy

I have always loved Webkinz ever since I was seven years old. I started playing in 2007 and I do still play it from time to time so if you would like to add me then my username is taylorxyz. I originally had four Webkinz, the ones shown above from oldest to youngest, but as an adult I have obtained a few more. A friend of mine got me Miss Patty from a thrift store in 2019 and a few years later I bought the virtual version of her so I can play with her in the game. I usually buy virtual pets during Webkinz Day or around Christmas when they have their big sales on estore points.

Physical Pets


A doll of a grey and white cat.


A doll of a black and white panda bear.


A doll of a cocker spaniel dog.


A doll of a pink pig.

Miss Patty

A doll of a white cow with purple hooves and patches of blue with a colorful pattern.

Virtual Pets


Virtual Webkinz pet lionfish.

Type: Lionfish

Year Adopted: 2022

Birthday: July 4


Virtual Webkinz pet cocker spaniel.

Type: Lil' Kinz Cocker Spaniel

Year Adopted: 2008

Birthday: August 18


Virtual Webkinz pet elephant with colorful markings on it.

Type: Big Top Elephant

Year Adopted: 2023

Birthday: July 11


Virtual Webkinz pet skunk.

Type: Skunk

Year Adopted: 2023

Birthday: February 2


Virtual Webkinz pet grey and white cat.

Type: Lil' Kinz Gray and White Cat

Year Adopted: 2007

Birthday: September 5


Virtual Webkinz pet sifaka lemur.

Type: Sifaka Lemur

Year Adopted: 2023

Birthday: August 15


Virtual Webkinz pet donkey foal.

Type: Donkey Foal

Year Adopted: 2022

Birthday: March 23


Virtual Webkinz pet that is a knitted bear.

Type: Be Merry Bear

Year Adopted: 2022

Birthday: November 18

Miss Patty

Virtual Webkinz pet white cow with purple hooves and blue patches with colorful pattern inside it and a pink flower on the head.

Type: Webkinz Rockerz Cow

Year Adopted: 2022

Birthday: August 27


Virtual Webkinz pet kiwi bird.

Type: Kiwi Bird

Year Adopted: 2022

Birthday: June 2


Virtual Webkinz pet black and white panda.

Type: Panda

Year Adopted: 2007

Birthday: October 3


Virtual Webkinz pet opossum.

Type: Opossum

Year Adopted: 2023

Birthday: February 18


Virtual Webkinz pet pink pig.

Type: Lil' Kinz Pig

Year Adopted: 2009

Birthday: June 1


Virtual Webkinz pet red frog with beige polka dots.

Type: Toadstool Frog

Year Adopted: 2022

Birthday: April 3


Virtual Webkinz pet panther with red and black bat wings and two fangs.

Type: Vampire Panther Cub

Year Adopted: 2022

Birthday: March 26