Left to right: Grey, Pandy, Brownie, Piggy

Webkinz are so cool!!! I only have four and I don't plan on getting anymore because I feel like it would be weird to add more to my family. I don't like it when kids of someone have large age gaps. It seems weird to me. I think they should all be born close together unless they have a lot of siblings so then there being a larger age gap between the youngest and the oldest child makes more sense. Anyways, I have four Webkinz: Grey, Pandy, Brownie, and Piggy. I love them all dearly!

LOL! Okay! Seymour was lying this entire time. I got a new Webkinz, but she didn't come with a code. She's very beautiful and I love her a lot. So now I have five webkinz: Grey, Pandy, Brownie, Piggy, and Miss Patty. Maybe I will get more in the future and I won't feel bad for there being large age gaps between my children.


Grey is the first Webkinz that I got. I got her in 2007. I remember I had to choose between her and this white rabbit. Grey is a grey and white lil kinz with green eyes. She was the only girl Webkinz that I had for awhile until Miss Patty came around and she is the only one that actually has an eye color. Her nickname is Grey Grey. Her name is Grey because part of her is grey.


Pandy is the second oldest. I got him in 2008. He was the only big kinz Webkinz that I had for awhile. His nose is made of faux leather (I think) and a few years ago it started flaking off and I was so confused on what these pieces of black fabric were on my bed, but then I realized it was from him. Pandy doesn't have a tail which I think is weird. Pandy is named Pandy because he is a panda. Don't forget that he is a panda.


I believe I got Brownie in 2009. He is a lil kinz cocker spaniel. I'm not so sure why I got him if I don't like dogs that much, but he's here and he's my beautiful son. Brownie is named Brownie because he is kind of brown, but not really. He's more tan. Kid me didn't know the difference. Kid me also liked brownies. Adult me also likes brownies. Food is good sometimes!


Piggy is my second youngest child. I think I got him in 2010. He is a pig and he is pink. Baby loves him a lot. Baby really likes pigs. Piggy's name is Piggy because he is a pig and also because when I was a child I wasn't very good at naming animals. I just named them after what species they were and slapped a "y" at the end of it.


In October 2019 I got a new webkinz named Miss Patty. My best friend got her for me. She was in a pile of old webkinz at a thrift store. Miss Patty is very beautiful and I love her so much. She is a cow! I really love her purple eyelids. I love her so much.