Miscellaneous Toys


She's a polar bear. Somehow she randomly appeared in my room on my piggy bank and I just kept her there. Was she supposed to be some kind of surprise from a brother? I love that her mouth is always open like that. Seems like she's trying to say something or she just smiles like that. Aurora is always happy!


This tiny baby was made by my friend Josefina. She is so tiny and she is so cute. I'm not so sure if the object with her is supposed to be a blanket or a pillow. I asked my friend and she said it could be either. Usually I keep it underneath her. She is so tiny!!! She is the smallest baby in the world!


I obtained these dolls from my mother. I don't know who she got them from, but they're mine now. I had my friends help me name them. They must always be together. You can not separate them. It is impossible to do so. These sisters will always be with each other.


He's a tiny spider named after Damon Albarn. There's no connection between Damon Albarn and spiders, I just like his music and I also like spiders. I bought him at a booth at an art fair. The dolls there looked so cool, but they were rather expensive for me. I really wanted something, but it had to be one of the small dolls since those costed the least amount of money. I really like the color red and spiders so I got him. The reflective fabric looks so interesting. Maybe I should get fabric like that and make a doll with it.


She is the first Build-a-Bear doll that I got. She had a sound box in her and then years later I took it out because it didn't sound the same anymore. It got messed up and we just threw it away although I could have just replaced the batteries for it. Don't put sound boxes in your doll unless it is a very cool sound. The sound I chose was very uncool. She does have outfits and other colored bows, but I don't play with her that much so she just stays like this. The clothes I chose for her aren't very cool either. I could sew some new clothes for her if I wanted to. I do have the skills to do that.


I've been really wanting to get one of these clown dolls for so long and could never find any in the wild until now! So awesome that I was able to find one of these. They're so beautiful. I am unsure how we settled on this name for them, but it's a good name.


Irma is a small mouse ... or she's a rat. It changes sometimes. She is from New York and she does say "what's squeakin' goin' on here?" and some other stuff like that. She also says "I'm squeakin' here!" I got her from Goodwill, but she is originally from World Market.


Jesse is a small jack in the box. Sometimes he doesn't come out at the right time. The hook that keeps the lid down doesn't move the way it should. Sometimes it doesn't come out all the way so the lid can pop up. I got Jesse at a thrift store. He looks so cute. I saw a much larger version of him once at Goodwill.


Baby's boyfriend!!! I have a feeling that the knitted parts were handmade and they used the head and the hands of a previous doll and just gave him a new body. His face is similar to that of Ice Cream Dolls. I wonder if his head and hands were from Fibre-Craft. I feel like that might be the case. I'm pretty sure the ball he is holding is a baseball, but the lines on it aren't the right pattern. They're very close to it, though. I adore his little smile. I took his overalls off once and his body looked so odd. His head also came off once and it was so difficult to get it back on. That was very scary, I thought he died!


Babysister's girlfriend!!! Libra is part of a collection of Zodiac themed panda dolls. I got her in a mystery bag at an anime convention in 2015/2016. I was planning on selling her and she was in a bag for a few years, but then I looked back into the bag and looked at her for a few seconds. I knew then that I couldn't get rid of her and I'm so glad that I didn't. I love Libra so much. Her rosy cheeks are just so cute. She likes to hit people with her suction cup.


I got this little baby at a thrift store. She looked so cute. I looked at her while she sat in the bin of toys and her black little eyes just drew me in. She's so adorable! I couldn't leave the store without her. I may have a problem with buying toys, but Luna is cute so it's fine.


This is a wooden jumpie that I bought from Gallery 30. Here is the one I bought if you would like to get the same one. They're attached to a spring so they bounce up a down. In the store they're displayed on motorized hooks that move every so often so the jumpie can stay jumping. I thought they looked so cool through the window so I just had to get one. I got the mouse mama with her mouse baby because I wanted one that was not beige and one that kind of had more going on with it than just a lone animal and I really love babies so I went with this one. They look so cute and they're so fun to watch bounce up and down. I think they'd be awesome for a mobile or specifically a mobile for an adult because I would be scared to place these above a baby just in case they fall down.


A friend of mine gave this doll to me as a birthday gift. She looks rather odd. She seems to be homemade. She has something written on the bottom of her, but I can't decipher what it says. I love that the person who made her gave her nails. It looks to just be glue applied to the ends of her hands. I named her after the song "Your Auntie Grizelda" by The Monkees since that's my favorite song by them. Usually we call her Auntie Grizelda. She is like an aunt to my children and to everyone else. Her arms are always open wide for hugs.


Parcheesi is a very cool marionette that I bought from an antique store. I think he is supposed to be Pinocchio since he has a long nose and has the hat, but Pinocchio does not wear a lederhosen. I do not think that the young boys in 1880s Tuscany were wearing that. I think whoever made this marionette gave him those clothes because that is what he wears in the Disney version. Stupid Disney! Found a place where you can purchase the same marionette.


Blanky's girlfriend!!! My best friend bought me this doll! He got me her for Valentine's Day. She's so cute. I think she is supposed to be a wolf. I love that her toe beans are heart shaped. I love her little bow, too. She's also incredibly soft! She is the perfect sized doll to hug and cuddle with. Larger dolls are better for stuff like that.


Another rabbit from Easter time. I forced my brother to buy him for me. I thought he looked so cute. I love how his front legs aren't centered on his body. Maybe he's supposed to be hanging off of something or is supposed to be behind something so then his off centered legs make more sense. I'm not so sure. I just think he's cute.


I got some rubber duckies. They're all from an arcade except for the unicorn one which I got from a claw machine. I should get some more ducks. I like them a lot. I rarely ever play with them, they just stay in my bathroom and collect dust.


My favorite Beanie Baby that I own. The fabric used for his tongue has come apart, but that's alright. I don't remember a time when it wasn't. I really like snakes. They're so cool. Snakey is awesome. Baby loves hugging him.


I'm pretty sure this one is supposed to be used as an ornament. Stocking is so cute. A tiny doll of a bear in a stocking is such an adorable concept! I love him so much. This is one of the few Christmas things that I actually like. He's also incredibly soft.


Tasty Jams is the first clown that I got. I also got them from a thrift store. I really love their color scheme. My brother keeps saying they're a Mardi Gras clown. He could be right about that. The pink, purple, and gold look so good together. Maybe one day I should try to recreate their makeup on my own face. I would need some cool clothes to go with the look.


My only bear named Teddy. He came with glasses and a backpack. I still have the backpack, but not the glasses. I remember taking him to school one day because we were acting as nurses or doctors fixing our patients (our dolls) or something like that. It's a very vague memory from elementary school. I like that I'm able to push his limbs into his body so then he doesn't have any arms or legs, but that takes a while to do and it sucks trying to take them out.


Toilet Water is much larger than Tasty Jams. I think Toilet Water is older since they do look like it. They're missing a bell. I really like their outfit. I've had this doll for a few years now and I'm not so sure why I gave them that name, but I guess the yellow of their clothes can resemble toilet water if there's a certain yellow liquid in it.


I'm pretty sure this is a Kewpie doll. Everyone hates this baby. My kids always get grossed out by this baby. No one likes this baby. This is the worst Kewpie doll. My friend gave this doll to me. He really likes Kewpie dolls. I also like Kewpie dolls, but this one is very evil.