Licensed Toys


Finn and Jake! They're quite large. I got them from Dave and Buster's. I think Jake is a good size for a Finn cosplay. I'm not going to do one, but I did think about it once. These two are nice to use as a pillow. Although, with Jake you'll have to turn him over because his jowls aren't comfortable to lay on.


A very little Rover. I got him from Target in the clearance section. It's fun to grab his body and shake him around because of his very large head. I kind of do this with a lot of dolls, though. He is also very soft. I really like his tiny shirt.


The three dolls in the back all talk. Here is what the Steve doll says. He's a Tyco doll from 1999. The two Blues and the two Magentas are all recent dolls from Just Play. The two larger Blue and Magenta each bark if you press their paws. The little Joe is the only doll they ever made of him. He's a Fisher-Price doll from 2002. He's quite rare and expensive. I am very glad that I have him!


I got them from Dave and Buster's. I'm a sucker for 1990's Nickelodeon stuff even though I was not alive in that decade. I like that you can put them around your neck kind of like a neck pillow, but it isn't quite long enough to be used properly like one.


I finally got the Strong Bad doll for Christmas of 2021! He is so perfect. He is quite soft and I enjoy how poseable he is. The wire addition is such a great idea. At first it was tricky to get him to talk, but once you find where the sound box is then you're good.


I love Lola so much!! They're the most expensive doll I ever bought. Lola is the pink alien that hangs out with Gerard Way. I don't care for Gerard anymore, but I still love Lola. They're so soft. I used to take them around with me everywhere. Their thumbs got pretty dirty because of that.


I got this baby Miss Piggy at a consignment store. She was discounted so it was obvious that she was meant to go home with me. She is so beautiful. I like to keep her on my dresser.


I got this Snoopy at Goodwill. I had seen a different Snoopy doll there before, but for some reason I did not purchase him so when I saw this doll I thought to myself, "Seymour, you must get this Snoopy since you did not get the last one." His tag says he's from Cedar Fair Entertainment Company so I assume he is from one of their amusement parks. He is from 2010.


I don't watch Peppa Pig that often, but I do love pigs, they're my favorite animal. The very large Peppa sings. I got her from Goodwill. I enjoy having dolls that talk, but the sad thing is that I can't really clean them. The George that is right next to her giggles. All of the other dolls are just normal dolls. The Peppa that is in the front on the right is some sort of coin purse. I'm not so sure what you can actually put in her, but I have all the keychains connected to her and I like to whip them around. It's a lot of fun.


I got that Pikachu from Dave and Buster's and I got that Squirtle from a yard sale just so Pikachu wouldn't be so lonely. I'm not much of a Pokemon person, but it's one of the few video games that I've played before. Despite having played two of the games and watched the show as a kid, I can not remember the names of many Pokemon.


I obtained these two from a consignment store. I thought they looked quite interesting for Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. They were being sold as a set, but they don't look like they go together. Andy has a tag for Pearson's Simply Primitive and Ann does not have a tag on her. These two are actually meant for decoration.


The wonderful Mordecai and Rigby in 3-D! I got these two from Dave and Buster's. They look quite odd in three dimensions. I am sure this was the only way to properly adapt them into a doll. These guys are also quite large like the dolls I have of Finn and Jake.


The very large Hello Kitty doll is from Build-a-Bear. I do still have her bow, but it will not stay on her. She does not have a year on her tag, but I am pretty sure she is the original Hello Kitty Build-a-Bear. I can not remember where I got the tiny Hello Kitty that is wearing pink from. The one wearing blue is a McDonald's toy from 2004. I also had the toaster from that set, but I don't have it anymore. I think I got my My Melody doll from a Sanrio shop somewhere. She is my favorite Sanrio character.


I got Elmo from a thrift store. He's from 2019. I got Ernie from a consignment store. His tag is bare so I'm not so sure what year he is from. I actually bought Cookie Monster new at a store. I got Grover from a friend who found him at Goodwill. He is super large! He is a Macy's doll from 2004. He originally came with a watch, but I don't have the watch.


Finn is my favorite Star Wars character. It is so sad that they just really pushed him off to the side after The Force Awakens. I think he should have been the main character instead of Rey since he has a much more interesting story. Well, it's Disney so of course everything is going to be so poorly written. Anyways, I got both of these toys at Wal-Mart.


I really love Teletubbies. My friend gave me this doll of Tinky Winky for my birthday. His face was partially covered in something soft at first. He looked so nasty, but then I cleaned him up a little. I removed all of the soft bits (accidentally took some of his eyes with it) and gave him a little bath so now he's perfect! There's still a little bit of the soft parts around the edges of his face that I couldn't really get all the way off, but it doesn't really bother me all that much.


I love Brobee so much!! My friend bought the first Brobee for me on the left as a Christmas gift. If you squeeze him he will say "my name is Brobee," "I was born to play, let's go," "hugs are fun," and "hooray!!" The Brobee on the right is from a different friend which was given to me on my birthday. I thought about fixing up his eyes, but I think them being messed up looks cool and makes him look more loved.


I think Yoshi is super cool. I have not played any Yoshi game before in my life, but I have played multiple Mario games so I am well acquainted with this dinosaur. He is green so he has to be my favorite character within the Super Mario Bros universe. I got this doll from Barnes and Noble.