Garfield Sightings

Garfield used to be a friend of the Johns at one point in time. He seemed to have been around them in the 1980s and then stopped being with them afterwards. I'm not so sure what happened in their relationships, but he hadn't been with them since. The Johns have never mentioned him in any interview and would always deflect any question asked about him or they would say they don't know who he is. It is quite odd. Why would they hate this cat so much? What did he do that made them cut him out of their lives that harshly? I'm not here to investigate, but I am here to share the pictures that I have found with him in them.

Something interesting has just happened recently! Garfield has appeared at a They Might Be Giants show! On the 22nd of August, 2019, Garfield has been seen playing alongside the Giants at their show at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Garfield hasn't been seen with them in thirty years!!! How come now he is back with them? Was he ever forgiven for what he did? What did he even do all of those years ago? I would like to know, but there is no need to pry about someone's relationship with another. I'm glad to see him back. I hope he's been doing well during all of those years he has been gone from the public. I wonder if he intends to join them again for another show.