They Might Be Giants

They Might Be Giants is a band from Brooklyn, New York that started in 1982. I got into this band in November of 2018. It was autumn break and their music video for "Birdhouse in Your Soul" kept getting recommended to me on Youtube (probably because I watch Homestar Runner Puppet Jams a lot) and a friend had already told me that I should listen to them back in October so I decided to click on it and check it out. My immediate thoughts upon watching it: "his voice is kinda annoying," "I like how he plays guitar," "cool dancing!," and I think that's all I thought at the time. Then, I watched the video for "Don't Let's Start" and kept watching those two over and over again until eventually I started listening to their albums. My favorite album by them is Join Us. My favorite children's album by them is Here Comes the 123s. My favorite thing that they've ever made is the Bed Bed Bed EP.

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