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Here are all of the photos that I could find for Burns' shows in 2003. Most photos are taken from steveburnsrocks. A lot of them were not archived and a lot only had the thumbnail archived so many of these will be quite small. I tried to credit each person and link their own websites if they had one. I also added all of the archived entries from thestevescene. I did edit the entries a bit when it came to some spelling and grammar, but overall I tried to keep them in the format that they were presented on the site. All of the photos from that site were not archived, but some ended up over on steveburnsrocks. Some of the photos outside of thestevescene may have articles or reviews attached to them so click on the links for more! If anything is lacking a credit then that means I forgot where I found it or the link was not working so I was not able to properly give a credit. Also, some of these might be in the wrong area, it can be difficult to find the correct date for them. If you were at any of these shows then please let me know!

August 13 - Waterloo Records - Austin TX


Steve Burns Launches Dustmites World Tour!

Austin, TX, August 13, 2003. Today, Steve Burns of Blue's Clues fame launches his World Tour in support of his new album Songs for Dustmites with an in-store performance at Waterloo Records. I am chronically early to everything and this event is no exception. Arriving at approximately 3:00 p.m. for the 5:00 show, I admire the banner over the store entrance welcoming Steve, while trying to figure out what I'm going to do for the next two hours. For starters, I browse the store for any conspicuous Steve goodies that may be lying around for the event. Lo and behold, there are some! The first is a mini Steve button about an inch in diameter that the store appears to be giving away with album purchases (so I purchase another album natch!). On this is printed a picture of what I call the "growling dustmite" surrounded by the words "steve burns…songs for dustmites." Another is a postcard size ditty with a Public Advisory message about dustmites which, I am told, will be used for autograph signing after the show. I promptly steal about twenty of them. If I can get the scanner working, I will post for all to see.

After killing another 45 minutes over a couple of beers next door at the Icehouse, I am ready to head back over to see what's going on. The following provides a general countdown and accounting of events after this point and through the show. Enjoy.

T-minus one hour (about 4:00 p.m. CST): The man of the day arrives at the store. The wardrobe consists of a grayish "Flaming Lips Experiment" T-shirt (Experiment, Experiment, Experiment!), gray Cargo-type pants, and Saucony running shoes (I am nothing if not meticulous). The hair is short, somewhere between shaved and Blue's Clues hair, but more on the shaved side. Very similar to "Mighty Little Man Video hair." In a relatively uneventful entrance, Steve strolls in through the front door and engages the Waterloo staff in the usual logistical mumbo-jumbo involved in locating the stage, setting up the equipment, etc. The crowd, which is thin at this point, doesn't seem to notice, with nary an eyelash batted at the "greatness" in their midst. As I stroll around the store feeling the buzz of the event-to-be, I catch Steve browsing through the various CD selections offered by Waterloo (in the "B" section, of course). Not being one to waste my moment, I approach. "Welcome to Austin, Steve," I say casually. With the smile that won the hearts of millions of "kids, moms, and stoned college students," he thanks me for the welcome and actually asks my name. To borrow an appropriate word for the occasion: Wow! Then as quick as a handshake, the moment's over and Steve's off to tune his equipment and prepare for the gig.

Aside: for those interested, the gear for the performance is pretty basic, consisting of Steve's acoustic/electric guitar and a simple drum set (that looks like it came from Toys 'R Us) emblazoned with a dustmite, of course. The next 30 minutes I spend watching them set up while chatting with others there for the show.

T-Minus 15 minutes (4:45 p.m. CST): Notes on the crowd: The crowd is definitely starting to grow. One person came in earlier wearing a Dustmite T-shirt (who I later learned I was supposed to say hello to, but was busy as the time talking with others). There are plenty of folks who obviously look like they are there for the music (or maybe it's the free beer!). And then there are the mothers (and fathers) with the yunguns. I would guess about 10 to 15 parents showed up with kids, some clutching Blue plush dolls and other related merchandise. The parents quickly grab most of the up-front spots near the small stage. Steve is overheard to tell some of them that he will not be doing any Blue's Clues material. This doesn't appear to faze the kids much as most are either agog at the "Steveness" or trying to pull down a nearby Pez display.

T-Minus Zero Minutes (5:00 p.m. CST): Showtime! Steve lubricates his vocal cords courtesy of St. Arnolds Brewing Company, and straps on the guitar to go to work. Although I couldn't hear it well, one lady near the stage apparently comments humorously about "Steve" drinking beer. Steve explains (equally as humorously) that believe it or not he is 29 years old and has been drinking beer for some time now.

Ahhh, but before he starts, he chooses to tease us even more by bringing his opening act on to warm up the crowd. The "opening act" is a 4- to 5-year old kid named Cade, who Steve graciously allows to come up on stage and beat hell out of the drum kit. Steve joins the thumpfest in electric mode, cranking out some power chords by way of accompaniment. The kid is in hog heaven, rocking with Steve and loving every minute of it. Steve pumps the traditional "rock and roll" sign in the air with his hands (AKA "I Love You" in sign language, or "hook 'em horns" for you Texas Longhorn fans) as the kid pounds away. After a few minutes, Cade leaves the stage and returns to mommy with a big grin on his face.

Steve introduces the "real" drummer as "Jason" (no, I didn't notice what he was wearing). Steve starts off by thanking the crowd, intoning, "You are all part of an experiment today." He goes on to explain that he was supposed to have a full band for this performance; however, due to circumstances not explained, the band could not join him a day early, so he is making due with a pared-down version of the equipment that includes the aforementioned toy-like drum kit and Steve's guitar and nothing else.

Aside: Steve spends a few minutes prior to jamming explaining the use of a neat piece of equipment, called an intergalactic, subatomic transmogri-loop machine, or some such (my words of course). This equipment is essentially a set of guitar pedals that allows him to record and loop a particular sequence of guitar music. He can play the rhythm chords of a song and, with the click of a toe on the pedal, have the machine repeat them over and over while he switches to a different sound (e.g., space-age guitar). If done effectively, he can layer the rhythm and lead guitar pieces over one another all without the crowd knowing. This is obviously handy since it's just Steve and Jason playing. However, Steve is eager to share his secret technology with the crowd. He demonstrates by playing a few chords and then removing his hands from the guitar as it continues playing as if by magic. Again, wow! I gather that because he doesn't have a full band, this demonstration is also to prepare the crowd in case the pared-down equipment screws up. Again, Steve intones, "You are all part of an experiment."

The next part of the show is easier to describe if I just run down the selections Steve played. So… here goes.

  1. A Sniveling Mess. The familiar strumming starts the performance. The crowd gets into it early, bobbing and tapping feet, as the almost spoken-word first verse builds into the chorus and Steve asks everyone "Will You Love Me If I'm A Mess?" Following this, the young opening act Cade scrambles up on stage and belts out a mighty "Steve, You Wock!!!" Steve turns to the crowd nonchalantly and says, "You heard the man. I Wock!!" Much laughter all around.
  2. Steve introduces the next tune by getting the expected "Blue's Clues Steve/Rocker Steve Cognitive Dissonance" disclaimer out of the way, informing us that his transition from one world to the other led to writing the song. Of course, it's "What I Do On Saturday," which is hella interesting without a bass line. Steve pulls it off very well, leaving us wondering that if it's this good with only a guitar and drums, what will it be like with a full band? Tomorrow will tell.
  3. Maintain. One of the best performances of the show. Steve gets to show off his singing a bit more, really getting into some of those long notes. Afterward, Steve engages the crowd in a little city rivalry, saying this is the first time he's been to Austin. I quote: "Hey, I hear Austin's supposed to be a really cool, hip place. I hear you guys have a lot of hipster types here. I'm from Brooklyn; bring it on."
  4. A Reason. Steve introduces it as the "Love Song" portion of the show. I casually mention to a fellow attendee that I wish I had brought a lighter to wave. The perfect acoustic song.
  5. An interlude. Steve and Jason burst into a song I had to dredge up from the memory banks – "One foot on the brake and one on the gas, hey. Well there's too much traffic, I can't pass no." Anyone who remembers 80's rock knows this is Sammy Hagar's "I Can't Drive 55". After the first verse, Steve stops, citing his wish not to subject us to any more. Humorous nods all around. This segues into a short story – Steve apparently drove from Brooklyn to Oklahoma for rehearsal in his VW Beetle and got 3 speeding tickets along the way!! Repeated pleas of "I'm Steve from Blue's Clues; this is a beetle for gosh sakes," apparently did not sway officers.
  6. The signature song, Mighty Little Man. Done full acoustic – no drums or tricks with machines, just Steve on acoustic guitar belting it out. Steve's rationale: without a sonic onslaught of drums and bass, it's better to do it all acoustic rather than halfway with drums. Steve introduces it as a song about Thomas Edison. I can't say enough about how really well this worked. Jason is playing air drums in the background by way of simulating what the drum playing for it should look like.
  7. Last one – Songs for Dustmites. On guitar versus piano. Jason and Steve perform the full jamfest at the end with just the two instruments. A fitting end to a cool performance.

T-Plus 30 Minutes (about 5:30 p.m. CST): Steve graciously thanks everyone for coming, and store personnel invite us to hang out for autographs.

Which brings me to my favorite part. I hang out in line for about 15 minutes or so waiting to get Steve to autograph one of my CDs. As I approach the counter, CD and Sharpie in hand, Steve says, "Thanks again Dave for welcoming me to Austin." Feeling not a bit nervous (liar), I explain to Steve that I am "Superdave" on line, and one of the few males that frequent the message boards. The following conversation ensues (I have done my best to reconstruct it):

Steve: Thanks again Dave for welcoming me to Austin.

Dave: Anytime. I am actually Superdave on-line and one of few males who frequent the message boards.

Steve: You are famous. I recognize the name. (Steve hands me a postcard and asks me for my autograph!!! Seriously. Fumbling for words, I scribble "To Steve: You Rock!! – Superdave.")

Dave: (as I fork over the CD for him to sign) The album is brilliant (brown-nosing never hurt). I just have one comment.

Steve: Shoot.

Dave: I was disappointed that you weren't sporting the "Pimp Tooth" in any of the liner photos (grins).

Steve: (Grinning). You know, it says "I Love You" on it?!? My publicist recommended I not go with that look (laughing).

Dave: (receiving signed CD "To Superdave….Steve Burns….ThankYou.com") Thank you very much Steve. Great work. Looking forward to the show. Shalagh wants to have your babies!!!

Steve: (more silence, looks nervous) Th-thanks so much for coming out. Tell everyone on the boards I said thanks – really thanks - for all you have done to support me, both the old and the new versions.

I stand nearby while a fellow attendee gets their turn, and after some parting words, I head home to bask in the good vibes (and of course get this out).

And that's that. Steve is as charming in person as you imagine him to be. A very gracious person who jokes easily, takes jokes well, and is not afraid to show appreciation for the fans. I am psyched about tomorrow's show, but I may let someone else write it up to spare my poor fingers.

BTW – I'm just kidding about that Shalagh thing. Gotcha Shal


I saw Steve at Waterloo in Austin yesterday. Awesome! Tons of little ones there. I was so sad I didn't take my 2 year old but I had to leave directly from work to make it. Steve played tid bits of a few off of Dustmites and even threw in some Sammy Hagar "I can't drive 55!" Ha ha!

Apparently when he drove down from Brooklyn to Oklahoma to rehearse he got 3 speeding tickets! He was too funny explaining how he asked "How fast could I possibly have been going? I'm the guy from Blue's Clues!"

It was a hoot! Before Steve started the show (After he let a little 4 or 5 year old kid from the crowd play a little drum solo) he was having trouble getting his loopdy doop guitar pedal to work. Uncontrollably I shouted "Don't give up Steve! Without skipping a beat Steve retorts "I'll just go on." Between songs a small child yelled out STEVE! Steve said Yes? The little kid said YOU WOK! It was too cute!

Hope to make the first "real" show tonight! He sounded awesome in the store with just a drummer and acoustic guitar! Got some pics of him jammin' and one of he and I. I'll pass them on once developed!

Time for so long!


A smiling fan posing for a picture with Burns.


Burns holding his guitar. Burns playing his guitar.

August 14 - The Mercury at Jazz - Austin TX


He started his first concert tour ever in Austin, Tx on August 14, 2003. A friend of mine, Felicia, a fellow Mighty Little Fan, and I drove to Austin for the show and met up with other MLF's. One even flew in from Oregon. To commemorate the occasion, 3 of us went down to 6th St and got Henna tattoos of the 3 dustmites on the cover of Steve's CD, "Songs for Dustmites". After going back to the hotel to shower and primp, we headed to Mercury. We got there a little early and waited outside. Someone walks out the doors and as he walks down the street we realized it was HIM, Steve, the Rock Godlet himself. Then he disappered around the corner. After about 10 minutes he walks back carrying some boxes. Two of the girls in our group had gone to a in-house show at Waterloo records the night before and he recognized them so next thing we know he is standing on the street talking to us all. He recognized alot of our nicknames from his message board and was in shock that Shalagh had flown in from Oregon. After giving him a card we all signed to wish him luck on his tour, he kinda stammered and said," I really, umm, wow, umm, I really want to get you all some shirts. (holding up the card) This was really nice of yall and I appreciate all the support." He handed me the envelope to the card and asked me to write down all our real names so that he makes sure we get out shirts. After a few more minutes of chit chat (Are you nervous? Are you happy with how the show is going to go? etc, etc), he went back in to the club. I had a "joy-gasm." I was a puddle on the sidewalk!!! LOL

Once we were inside, we checked out the merchandise table. The shirts were in plum, charcoal or green with the aggravated dustmite on the front with "mighty" written underneath. On the back it has 3 dustmites and then says steve burns songs for dustmites. I got Dylan the kids size baseball shirt. I also got a bumper sticker, a pin, and shirts for Chris, Eddie, and Paul.

Steve was very open and walked around setting up things, but also took the time to stop and chat or sign an autograph. He finally took the stage at 10:30. The next hour was pure pleasure. He rocked. I have seen many concerts and for this being his FIRST show he put on quite a performance. After the show he hung out at the merchandise table for a meet and greet. We got time to chat some more, told him how Felicia, Shalagh and I where going to be at the Houston show. He asked Shalagh if he would see her at the shows up on Seattle or Portland and she said she would be at both shows. He thanked us again for all out support and we said good night.


Super Dave is the master, I am but a humble servant, I will try to live up. Here goes.

We (GM, Queen jewels, Miss Fish and me-Shalovee) were higher then kites yesterday. After scrubbing, primping, painting, washing and spraying various parts we headed out to get tattoos. No not real, sillies, Henna one's. Jewels and I got the three on the album on our ankles and Geek got DustMite wacked on her chest. The tattoos were not to tie us to Steve, they were to tie us to this wonderful journey we were on and celebrate the glory of the tour. The magic that came by so many strangers who knew each other only by silly names converging and sharing a super fun, geeked out, over the top, wild and fun experience. The good company, the silly antics, the staying up all night, taking over a restaurant, Laughing til we pee and basically had one hellofa faboo love in. We lived out a lifetime in one day and although the Mites will fade, our memories will not. And we will have pictures to remind us. THAT is why we got them.

When done we headed to the Mercury. It was to early to go in so we stayed outside and visited. Steve walks out and goes down the street. Just that was nice. Soon enough he comes back and sees Tracy (Pleyton) and recognized her from yesterday. So he walks over and then notices Geek. He says hello and asks how we are and then notices MissFishes shirt. She painted a Wacked on it with FISH written underneath. He exclaims "Are you Miss Fish"? and she beamed. I could have just floated away for her, I was so happy. Geek then introduces us all and chit chat ensued. We gave him two cards, one was a gold fish wearing goggles saying "think outside the bowl" and another with a turtle butt saying "We are behind you" (Thank your besnitchy, lil Kris and pnkflyngv) I asked him "are you scared?" and he said no he wasn't. I wasn't expecting that answer. I said "Really? not nervous?" he tells me no and describes several snafus with the show. Video were supposed to be produced to run behind him on the screen but that was not able to get done properly or at all. He listed a few other things and I told him that it would be ok, he could stand there and gargle and we would enjoy it. I then told him I flew in from Oregon that morning to see him to which his eyes flipped open in amazement. He told me I was crazy (God bless him for just finding this out) and that he would be coming to me soon. I told him I knew that and I would be there too, but he only has a first show one time. He thanked me. He then began to stammer around, searching for a way to give back to us. HIM give to US. (Hunny, that's what you do.) He told us I want to give you all t-shirts. VERY nice of him. Mucho. He then noticed Geeks henna Tat and exclaimed "What is on your chest?!" To which something clever and witty should have flowed from her lips such as...."that's where I keep my boobs Steve...Or It is frosting Steve or some other such wittiness." What she said, over and over and over was "It isn't REAL! It isn't REAL! " We wrote our names down for him and after a little more chit chat he went inside.

We then geeked out right there on the pavement, all of us dying in our own dork ecstasy. It was actually a blessing because after meeting STEVE, he then became Steve. And Steve isn't scary. Steve is a real guy and after that, I had no problem talking to Steve with out fear and shaking.

We now go inside. After a lot of standing around, the warm up band did the voodoo that they do so well and left the stage. We all then go stand right up front. By up front I mean UP FRONT. I was leaning against the monitor. He comes to set up and is kneeling down plugging things in and Tracy clicks a picture. He looks up and makes a face saying sarcastically "that's a great picture" To which I mocked back "ahhhhhh-tracktive". He laid down several song lists around the stage. I promptly took notes of the song order and it was:





Henry Krinkles

stick around



To which when he left the stage I took the playlist and wrote:

9. Mantain

and replaced it. He discovered this about fourth song in and smiled big while shaking his head. Good sport. He really is a good sport, even if he didn't play it

He was wearing a green shirt (no dustmite) and green cargo pants. Over it he wore a UberNeat spacesuit complete with a dustmite on it. His beard is scraggly and his hair is growing back. Waaaaay back. HaHaHa! He has a lightning bolt tattoo on his right inside forearm. I am not a lover of Tattoos but this was nice. Lightning bolt. Power. Force. I get it.

As promised Geek and I called Steph and Sara and for the first song, I held that phone high into the air and let Steve sing right to them. For the rest of the show I laid the phone down on the monitor and Sara heard the whole thing from afar. Please Sara, don't send flowers, I prefer jewelry. ;)

The mints all wore the same but Jason (the drummer-who needs a fan club his own self, he is SO GOOD) wore a little white mask and another guy wore a white bowl upside down on his head. Good stuff. He told us "we are in disguise. We kinda think we are Devo" It started with a slide show from Paul and it was just nice to have Paul be a part of it. It just wouldn't have been right without Paul-ya' Know? Then Steve just rocked our socks right off. There were glitches-sure. There were some technical difficulties but all in all folks, his show is good. Good indeed. I would have crawled on my hands and knees from Oregon to Texas to see this show. As time goes by and he can do more work on it, get a little more comfortable in his skin, work out the glitches and it will be so fantastic. Your first time is a learning experience and I am looking forward to comparing the Seattle show and the Portland show to this one. Geek did a better job then I watching the screen behind Steve so I have not much to add except during WIDOS he did not play the video but all the stuff that was edited out. Instead of the screen running the film from a projector (Or however he would have run it) he ran it straight from his camcorder. Now that was nice. He even had a close up of the devil punching him out. Tonight I will watch it more carefully. He juggled fire to which I missed completely, I just couldn't drag my eyes from his face (which BTW is VERY descriptive when he sings. He really crawled into a couple of the songs and lived them out for us to see. Such complete abandon into Dustmites it took my breath away. Took. It. Away) At one point Steve pointed out "This is part rock show, part home movies, Actually, it is a lot like that" At one point in the show stars lit up the room. Steve lit up and pointed it all out for us. Steve looked over his shoulders a lot to see the screen behind him and how it was working. It worked great. The show ended all too quickly. 8 songs just flew by. Check for pictures in the photo section.

Before the show, Jewels and I went to talk to him and she got a couple things signed and I asked him if he was planning on going out east. His answer? Yes he was. I asked him what the shirt says in MLM and he said (I am going to slay the spelling here) Mulnum enParvo which means Much from little. Very nice. He posed for some pictures which did not turn out from Jewels camera but tracy did get some candid shots so I pray that those indeed did come out.

After the concert he came out to sign stuff for us and I handed him my shirt. he wrote on it Shalovee, how can I think you?? Love Steve and drew a paw print and a dustmite. He then asked, "I will see you in Portland?" I said, you will see me tomorrow, then Seattle then Portland. He reached his hand out and took mine. Shook it and then rested his forehead on my hand. I assume in thanks. That's what I felt. I felt thanked. You are welcome Steve, very welcome. And here I say to Steve's mom, "Thanks for teaching your boy to share" {S}

I must end this now if you all want pictures tonight of last nights show. because I do not have anymore time I will list some random quotes from our trip last night. You can go to Paulfordrocks later and get the whole scoop on all the other stuff we did later. Enjoy:

"Dave and his two things"

"This is oddly thrilling"

"Look shal a bug!! What's the plate say?"

"Let's collect a vial. Shal, got your water bottle?"

"His hands are so meaty"

"Do not touch the godlet"

"Do Texan Jews say "ya'll Hora now, ya' hear?"

"1...2...3... aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

"Super Dave is 24 ct precious. Good people. He is so good, if I were to open a box of cereal, I would find him there."

"Is that a tazer?"

"I don't have bolt cutters"

"We are sooooo here!"

"This doesn't suck. This really, really doesn't suck!"

"I have partied my ass off with Manilow, that counts for something-right?"

"Key check!"

"The thing with the thing....."

Hope you all enjoyed this write up!

Shalagh(labor of love)Knight

Burns performing on stage. He has one arm stretched above himself. Burns setting up on stage.


  1. Pre-show: QJ, Shal and I went to Forbidden Fruit on Sixth Street and got henna tattoos. QJ and Shal got the "three dustmites" (the three Graces? the Dustmite Trinity?) on their ankles and I got the growling dustmite on my chest.
  2. Pre-show: We were pretty much the only ones on the sidewalk waiting early for the doors to open when Steve walked by, carrying some boxes. He recognized Pleyton from the signing at the previous day, said hi again to me, saw MissFish's dustmite t-shirt that said "FISH" on it and said, "Are YOU Fish????" Introduced QJ and Shalovee too and he was really awed to hear that Shal flew in from Oregon for the show. He made us write down our names and got us comp dustmite t-shirts (THANK YOU, STEVE). He also said that the video was not going to be where he wanted because the guy who was editing it quit and they were still working on putting it together. Parting comment to me: "Oh, Paul says hi."
  3. Pre-show: All standing around in the club as crowd slowly grows. Steve wandering in and out, stopped again to say hi and took some pictures. I talked some more with Jason, the drummer, who was funny and very nice.
  4. Opening band was The Onlys. Nice band, I'm sure, but we were all waiting for Steve.
  5. Playlist was only eight songs. We were right up against the stage (about four feet from where Steve was standing), so between set-up and the start of the show Shal swiped the playlist and added "9. Maintain" on the bottom. Steve saw it mid-show and grinned. But didn't play it, dammit.
  6. Opened with an intro by Paul "Wilford Brimley" Ford, just like the voice and animation on the interactive media slide show on Steve's site. Talked about "what IS rock and roll? Rock and roll is YOU." Hilarious. Finished with "Get ... ready ... to ..." and a deep "RRROOOOOCCCCKKK" that shook the hall. Band (including Jason and the Mints) all in white dustmite moon suits a la Devo. Cellist (sandy-haired guy) wearing a styrofoam bowl upside down on top of his head, fastened under the chin with a rubber band. (He points out between songs "I am not Jewish." Crowd cracks up.)
  7. Lots of video, including re-edited version of the WIDOS video with lots of surprises in it. Saw Wayne Coyne (of Flaming Lips) in one shot at least. Here's what I remember:
  • flying domokun with wings in a lot of the songs, especially MLM and HKL. Hilarious. Steve said something like, "I just love him. Whenever I see him, he goes ARRRRRGGGHHHH!!!" and did the domo-teeth-snarl-face. Shots alternating between domokun and domokun's perspective, the ground swirling and floating below, with someone I couldn't recognize looking up at him.
  • Gabe Soria (angel in WIDOS video) as the scientist, smoking and rocking out in a spastic way during MLM.
  • radar weather screen shots during Troposphere.
  • sporadic appearances by someone in a really weird, really hideous face mask, moving with body cramped in bizarre positions. Two of them coming slowly together as if they were about to kiss at the end of "Stick Around" (Steve's comment to the screen: "They like each other.").
  • video footage of Steve balancing the guitar on his chin!
  • video footage of Steve juggling fire -- wearing an Afro wig!
  • video footage of someone (Steve?) wearing X-Ray Vision Glasses.
  • video footage of Steve playing the Thinking Chair!
  • very strange but beautiful wandering, floating shots inside some kind of industrial plant (inside a nuclear power plant or lab? no idea) during "Dustmites").

He thanked everyone for the support, thanked Austin, said a couple of times, "Wow. My first rock show." Saw lots of converts afterwards, buying CDs at the merchandise table. Dustmite buttons sold out, I think.

But more important than the video or the fan interaction is still Steve's music. There are different ways songs can be great. There can be catchy melodies or rhythms that wind into your brain and make themselves at home, and his songs do have that. There are songs that take a well known idea or feeling and express it better than most others have, and he's good at that too. But best, and rarest of all, is a song that expresses something important, something vital, that you never even knew needed expressing. And that's what so much of his music does. That's the real treasure, and the real gift, both for him and for us.

Geek(hey, kids, wock 'n' woll, wock on)Mom

P.S. OH! VERY IMPORTANT! Steve said he'd heard Superdave's review on The Steve Scene because his mom read it to him! So let's say an extra-special HELLO to STEVE'S MOM and tell her that her son is faboo ...


Since my other cohorts in two days of mischief and fun have already posted the essentials, I thought I would take this opportunity to briefly comment on the music and performance of Steve's show at The Mercury on Thursday night.

Let me start by saying that, all the gooey fanaticism aside, I think the music of Steve Burns speaks for itself. Despite some technical difficulties in his first official live show on the Dustmites World Tour (a not unexpected phenomenon at first shows), I think that message came across loud and clear. In other words, I think the live show did justice to all of the hard effort that Steve has obviously put into making Songs for Dustmites. It is difficult at best to re-create some songs in a live environment, but frankly I was shocked and amazed at how well some of the layered material on the album translated into live play. Of particular note was the pure rock of "Mighty Little Man" (in full electric mode this time), and, of course, finally being able to hear live versions of Troposphere and Superstrings, and a beautiful version of Stick Around, three of my personal favorites.

The varied talents of the Starlight Mints were the perfect complement to Steve's tunes. Although I am a novice Mints fan, these guys (and gal) obviously have talent to spare, playing two keyboards, a bass guitar, various electric guitars, a flute and strings. A flute and strings!!! When is the last time anyone saw that in a club performance? Jason, of course, supplied the drums and was clearly polished and comfortable playing with Steve. It was nice to see that he had the upgraded drum kit this time around. :) Not the least of the instruments was Steve himself, who – in addition to emceeing the affair, driving the video, playing electric and acoustic guitars, and chasing down someone named "Charlie" for technical support – clearly put his heart (and some lungpower) into the vocals. I was most pleased that, unlike many concerts I've been to before, I could actually hear the vocals! When the lyrics mean so much to the songs, it was nice to see that whoever was working the soundboard didn't skimp on the vocals frequency.

The video was definitely an unexpected addition to the show. From Paul Ford's handiwork (a tremendously hilarious introduction on the philosophy of "ROCK AND ROLL!!!!!!") to numerous snippets of Steve variously balancing guitars on his chin, juggling fire, sporting the familiar green-striped shirt, and being hounded by angels and devils and an angelic domokun, the video accompaniment definitely played to those who were already familiar with Steve, and certainly introduced those who were not to the generally quirky, intelligent humor and thoughtful fun that has garnered Steve numerous additional fans beyond the usual "children, mothers, and stoned college student" fan-base. Well….with what appeared to be well over 150 people in attendance, maybe there were a "few" stoned college students in the crowd and there was certainly no shortage of moms. :)

Were there glitches? Yep. No need to whitewash it. Some of the playing – more appropriately stated as "playing together" - could have been crisper, and the video synchronization needed a little work. But I have it on good authority that, as of the time of this writing, the second show in Houston improved on and overcame these minor setbacks dramatically. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Letting my compatriots barnstorm the stage and handle the aforementioned "gooeyness", I was happy to sit back and enjoy the moment for what it was: a chance to hear some really good music by a talented and enthusiastic performer.


Burns posing with a fan. Two pictures of Burns' band performing on stage.


Blurry photo of Burns posing with fans. Dustmite with their mouth open. Burns playing his guitar on stage. Burns on stage holding up a bottle of beer in one hand. Burns playing his guitar and singing into a microphone.

August 15 - Stuka - Houston TX


From the Fishbowl

I can't remember as much as Dave did, I can't put words to it like Shalagh did, I can't capture the details like Geeky and I forgot, even after staring at the playlist for TWO DAYS, the song order, unlike Kris. But I will do what I can.

We speed in from Austin at close to 1:00 p.m. We have to stop to buy a t-shirt for me (I left the green dustmite shirt I made back in the hotel in Austin) so I can make another shirt, and we drop off the photos for developing. You might know about the terrible altercation in the Walgreens. These two (Shal and Robin) CANNOT pass up the little clothes rack set up near the door. The PJs with Twinkie Man must have called to them like a siren; no matter how firmly I say "NO!" they cannot hear me. My phrase for the day is "I am gonna die."

Shalagh starts her review almost as soon as we arrive. Robin catches the friends from our parenting forum up on our doings. Meanwhile I furiously try to make another Dustmite shirt. Nothing like success ("You're Miss Fish?") to make someone try again. I pick up the pictures and we open them together. Poor Queen Jewel. She gets back a whopping 3 pictures due to camera technical difficulties. (Serves you right for taking Steve pics without coming to get me! Okay, it doesn't; I am truly heartbroken for you.) You've seen some of mine.

~~~I now want to follow Steve around on tour just to photograph him. It is fun, and he is a marvelous camera mugger when he wants to be.~~~

When Shalagh pries herself out of the computer chair to get ready, it is nearly 5:00 p.m. People, appreciate the dedication. We leave my house in West Houston at 6:00 and arrive at Stuka a bit before 7:00. The original 2 dustmites decorating my car are now joined by the slogan "Austin Wocked" and "Thanks Steve" on the back window. There are a couple of people in line to get in, but we do not join them. Shalagh is taking notes on the trunk of the car while I go across the street to take a picture of the club. It isn't hot, but it is muggy. I know I am going to wilt.

I rejoin the ladies as Steve pops out of the back door of the club, which opens right across the parking lot from the car. He sees us, and his first words to us are: "So how long are you guys gonna do this?" and then "You guys are way early." He comes over to chat a minute, and that's when they give him the Twinkie PJs. I tell him repeatedly I had nothing to do with it. I will let Shalagh tell that part of the story. I just can't make myself do it. After he left us, though, his Light Guy came out and took pictures of my car for Steve. I am thankful I had that carwash the other day.

We make our way to the front of the club, and instantly start to survey the people in line. "Who are you here to see?" There are a lot of college age people. There are some older-than-that people too. We quiz people. How did you hear about the show? The Stuka website. Have you heard the album Songs for Dustmites yet? Yes! Troposphere Rocks! Or: I've only heard a few songs but I like them! Isn't he that Blue's Clues guy? Several people tell me they love my shirt, and wonder if that is what the shirts for sale will look like. This brings up and interesting side note: I am walking past the line and get the "neat shirt" comment, and before you know it I have found an Ftrain fan!! Shalagh will tell you all about that too, but suffice it to say we were all fast friends. Of course we were!

I went back across the street to take pictures of the line forming. People waved and smiled and enjoyed that. I hope that picture comes out. We waited a good amount of time beyond the scheduled door time, but the club folk came out and told us there were technical things they were taking care of. People weren't minding the wait too much anyway, and we visited with everyone we could. More than 100 people were in line when the club was opened.

Stuka has several areas to it. I was wrong, it IS bigger than my house. Waaaayyyy bigger. We enter and turn right, facing the stage area. The stage is set into the corner, and about 8 inches off the floor. A huge square of matting sits in front of it. We soak it in a few minutes. It takes about an hour or a little more for the opening band Modulator to be ready. I talk to the singer, Julie, and she says she is really looking forward to it. She is amazed the Mints have graciously allowed them to use their instruments. However, her husband Randy is a little nervous about playing Jason's drumset. I ask her if she has seen Jason play. When she replies she hadn't had an opportunity, I tell her not to worry about Randy. Randy can NOT hurt those drums. (Love ya, Jason!)

We go to the merchandise booth thinking we had better get stuff while we are able. Turns out to be a good move. And besides the wisdom in that, the sweet lady at the table remembers us! Note to Steve: take this woman with you wherever you go perform. She is a doll and a honey!

Close to show time, many of the people move to sit on the mat in front of the stage. We join them, snuggling right in among them. Doing so, we stumble across another person who was at the Austin show. While we wait we chat about that, long enough to hear how impressed she was with Steve. Modulator takes the stage. Julie laughs at everyone sitting. "You won't be sitting for long, I guarantee it." Up we go and I am now front and almost center, merely 8 feet from where Julie is taking the microphone. Their set has people dancing immediately, and Julie plays well to the crowd. They play my favorite "The One That Got Away" and I am snapping pictures like mad. Their set is almost over and Julie asks the People In Charge of Concert Time Management whether they may do one or two more songs. The crowd insists on two! I am so happy for them.

Steve's set is beginning soon, and I am looking for Happy Mom, and check the front desk. They say she has picked up the ticket, and came in with a guy. Huh? I call her. She's still trying to find the place. So I go back to Ticket Man and ask again. No, he says, he gave me the wrong name. Her ticket is there. I can do no more. It is showtime.

I elbow (very politely) my way to the front again, and it is a comment on these people around us that nobody minded that or was rude about it. Shalagh gets a few more setting-up pictures and the band departs to don their moon suits. Minutes later we're confronted with the Devo knock-offs themselves. I don't remember the set list without cheating, but you've heard that part anyway. The important thing is that I was front and center again, and Steve was (hand in front of face) RIGHT THERE. I was thinking of you all, and how many pictures I could take to share with you. Uh huh. Honest, I was!

I called Kris and tried to prepare her for the loudness, I don't know what she heard of that, but when she said there was a bump and an uh-oh? Steve took a pull on his Rolling Rock and it fizzed right over onto the stage when he set it down. He tells the crowd that Jason, the drummer, has to go to the in-store appearances with him, and they can't take his drum set. So Steve makes him play on a toy one like from Toys R Us. Dave brought that up first, dinnie?

By Henry Crinkle (according to the set list) I too am nearly a puddle. There is no way to say it from my little brain other than that Steve rocks out all the way on HKL. He is 8 feet in front of me and strumming all hell out of that guitar. I snap many photos. I think how happy I could have been if I had a copy of the concert version to play forever and ever. This is definitely my favorite song now. I forget to miss "Maintain." I am really worried about Happy Mom by now, but cannot call her without losing Kris. Steve distracts me from that when he asks Shalagh to tell him who is on the phone. I shout to him "lil Kris!" He takes it right up there (MY phone) and there he goes. He is such a good sport! Kris, we just had to share the Stevelove.

Steve goes into Stick Around and this time you can see the video much better. Happy Mom comes in at the end wiggling her way into the front of the audience hollering "Shalagh! Shalagh?" Happy Mom has the sweetest voice, so maybe hollering isn't the word I want here. I turn when I hear that, and there she is finally! I pull her up to me and she realizes she is taller than the people she just passed to get to me. This awesome, amazing woman hunches over at first, and then just kneels down so she isn't in anyone's way. I am ashamed. That thought had not occurred to me ONCE in six songs!

Happy is just in time for MLM, and Steve goes to town on that one. By the end of the song people near us are even singing along. And then, they start Songs for Dustmites. This is where I need a great picture of Jason. He's so faithful to the Steven Drozd masterpiece preserved in the CD, and yet he is Jason as well. Steve had introduced him as having been in a lot of bands, and I believe it. He is simply amazing. And I am (holds hands in front of face) THIS CLOSE to those drums. With every beat my rib cage vibrates. Shalagh is having her musical O and I am getting sonar deep tissue massage. As SFD is closing the book on our Steve Texas Redemption Tour, Jason actually pops a drumstick right in two on those drums. My first thought is that we need to ask for that drumstick, or what's left of it. I get Shalagh to do it as I am a coward and a chicken. I hug Happy Mom so pleased she made it for even a part of the concert.

We talk to people in the crowd. We only have to ask "Well?" and they gush! One person said she came to see the Mints but Steve was amazingly good. Others we talk to had heard a little of Steve's music, but hadn't expected such a good show. Not one person I talk to is disappointed at all with the show. Over 200 people had been in that room enjoying everything they got to hear. I hope every stop is as good as this one for Steve. Minus the Twinkies.

After Steve had taken his break and organized himself, he was back at the booth to sign things. I have to admit I touched the rock godlet after all. I got to shake his hand. That's all, I swear. I am hoping my picture comes out. I am sad that it's over. I am happy so many people loved Steve.

It ended too soon!

Burns on stage singing into a microphone. Burns performing on stage. Burns on stage holding out his hand with two fingers pinched together. Burns performing on stage with color lights behind him. Burns playing guitar on stage. Burns setting up the stage.


Because there was no way to hide my notebook, I did not take notes during this show. You will have to rely on my memory which is scary. I am sleep deprived and I came home to find out a very young member of my family had died in a car crash. My mind is a little numb right now. But let me crawl inside myself and dig around for you all and see if I cannot accurately describe this show for you. Bear with me. Let me start at the beginning and see what I can do. Here we go.

We arrive at the venue a little after 7 pm; we arrive early so we can walk, talk, take pictures and be the first in line. We are outside taking notes and collecting things and Steve walks outside. I call him to the car and we visit. He tells us we are hard core and really early. Well, yeah. We are. We are mighty little fans! But it isn't all about getting to the place at 10, because he will be on at 10:30. It isn't about, if we go early, we might get to see Steve. It is about the whole experience. Making friends, sharing stories, working the crowd, and having fun. He is just the golden coin that caused all the other to happen.

He liked everything we had written on the car in shoe polish. He thanked us. (Steve is a very thankful man. And he is good about telling you. Mom, you have done good with your boy.)

We give him his Twinkie pants and I am so glad we did. Because now we know. The train wreck that is the Twinkie thread can be forever stopped and put to rest. He was gracious about the gift. When he pulled it out he sort of smiled, (maybe it was winced?) and shook his head. He Thanked us (!!) and said, "But to be perfectly honest with you, I am not going to lie. That was one of the most disturbing things I have read in my life."

Now, he did not shame me. He did not need to. He probably knew I would take care of that later my own self. But the message is clear. Steve does not appreciate it. He does not like it. And to be frank, I would never get over the disappointment in myself if all the new fans he is getting read about it, catch the sick fever (as we all did) and it becomes what he is known for. If he gets Twinkies at every show, it will make me sick. It will also not be appreciated by him. It wasn't my intention for it to become what it did. It became it even so. So let us give something back to Steve and just drop it. It isn't funny. I hope it is clear how very much this needs to go away.

True to Steve, though, he did not embarrass us about it but talked a little while longer. I asked him if he has a Dustmites Tattoo on his arm and he shows me it isn't a Dustmite, it is a smiley face put there long before there was such a thing as a dustmite. Now you know.

He went back inside and the lighting guy came out. He took pictures of Fish's car and we asked who he was. He told us "the lighting guy." No name, just that. He was very nice. He even has us in a couple of shots.

Moving on. As the line began to form we girls mingled through the crowds asking people who they were here to see, The mints or Steve? It was 50-50. One man said that he isn't a fan of either really, but a fan of Paul Ford's-therefore he was here to see Steve. We told him he would not be disappointed.

Sound checks ran behind and the doors opened 45 mins late. The place became quite full, quite fast. We girls mingled around, gathering new friends and stirring excitement. (Why doesn't the street team pay me again? I am very faithful to the cause) Steve came on about 10:30ish. Time is a blur right now, so I am not sure.

The crowd was really playful as Steve and the gang set up their things. When they left the stage to get dressed a girl behind me bet me they would come out dressed as B.C. I told her no, spacesuits. I won but she will never pay up. I am sure of it.

He comes out with some really neat glasses on. He said, "Who gave these to me?" He said they were cool and struck a pose. (see pictures) He was playful and really felt how receptive the crowd was. The show was the same set as the night before, and I am sure it will be until they can get a day off and work on the video. The slideshow with Paul sent everyone into fits. The funniest part was when The Lighting Guy (as he told us was his official title and name) points to himself and says "ME? Rock and roll is about me?" and begins to freak out. Good stuff. Well, that and Steve running as "Steve" from B.C. Man, I love me a doof. When Paul's mite roars out ROCCCCCCK....the screen says "Are...you...reasonably...prepared...to...rock!!!." Reasonably prepared! Hee!

The show begins. We were, of course, right up front. I will try to convey what that is like. You get a flavor the people in the back don't get. You see so clearly everything he digs up from his soul to deliver to you on a golden shiny platter. He does not just sing. He really gives it his everything. He crawls inside each song and wears it as skin. That is why on the first night, with all the difficulties, it was still a good show.

Houston's show was much smoother. The video was elevated so you could see it better. You were not having to look around him to see it, the quality was crisp. I don't know if that was due to the lighting of this venue, something they did or what, but it was really good video.

I am proud to announce that my eyes were actually able to go to the screen more and see him juggle fire. I also was standing right in front of Jason and he rocked out. He is good. Really, really good. If you see him, approach him. He is very nice and easy to talk to. At the end of SFD he broke his drum stick. I was watching him when he did. He just kept playing one handed and did a smash up (really) job. I am so impressed.

The show was not perfect. The band had a hard time a couple times keeping themselves together. Steve was able to make a joke and blow it off. Really, I am not sure most of the people knew. Truly. There were some other glitches but it did not take away from the experience at all. Steve wants it to be perfect, and one day it will be, just give it time. Til then it is also nice to see the show progress. Friday's show was much better then Thursday's.

I must now speak of the mints. The mints have their style. Listening to them I hear it is not Steve's style. They do a faboo job of letting Steve be Steve. His album is such a polished studio album I was concerned how it would come across live. I should have not feared. It translates VERY well. Jason does justice on the drums and the mints make it happen for Steve. How wonderful to be able to play with a group you liked so well, and are as talented as they are.

Steve made a comment about the Unified Field Theory and it absolutely geeked out the physics students behind us. The went totally apart with glee and rapture. Silly kids. Nice to see these things get appreciation. Steve fans are smart.

He took a drink from his beer and it must have warmed because when he put it down it spilled out the top. Steve quickly moves it and says, "Man that isn't funny. We spilt a beer on a computer last night." Bummer.

When the album lists Steve as playing the thinking chair, he means he honest to goodness plays the thinking chair. On >1 the whole video is him playing it. Typical Steve. Hang the mic on the chair, put on his ears, turn on the video and drum your little heart out. Nice. Sweeter still because the song is about (I am assuming) he and his sisters growing up. And he plays the thinking chair. Awwwww. Really, nice touch.

The cellist needs a hug. I don't know his name, but watch him when he sings the Dustmites part in SFD. He is such a good mite. He seems to really enjoy it and the crowd went nuts both times he did it. Note to him: wear the bowl, ok? Every time. It is becoming.

True to my belief you must share the Steve love, lil Kris was called and the phone was handed to me to hold out for her to hear. After a couple songs Steve stops and says, "I really must do something, who is on the phone?" Fish yells, "Lil Kris." He says "give me the phone." He then tells her hi. He tells her to say hello to Houston and she does. He held the phone to the mic but she didn't come across. He then tells everyone to say hi to Kris. We all yell hello. He then tells her good-bye and hands the phone to me. I will say right here that one of my fondest memories is when Manilow did that very same thing at a concert, asked for a request and then sang it for her into the phone. Those things make a concert really memorable. Nice to see he can roll with the punches.

Steve sang so hard he was sweating. Sweating isn't the right term. We were all in very grave danger of drowning in it. He apologizes and asks for a towel from the back. I reach into my purse and pull out the shirt that was bought for Kris. (which BTW, is good that I did because they never did bring him a towel) I yelled "Here Steve!" and tossed it to him. He said "awww...she gave me her shirt. I can't use this, I will ruin it." I told him go right ahead, it wasn't mine. He wiped his face, head and neck with it and told me he would get me a new one because he ruined this one. I don't think so Steve. And so you know, Steve is natural on stage. No make up. Not that you had wondered, just sayin. Proof is on the shirt. And also just so you know, I did almost have to have a knockdown, drag-out with a big man who about had a kitten when I stepped up on the stage to get the shirt at the end of the show. This is the conversation that ensued:

Mean Man: WHOA! What is going on here?

Sweet Me: That's my shirt ::Points::



MM: Shirt?

SM: yes, can I have it?

MM: What?

SM: ...Now trying to lean over and grab it..."MY SHIRT??"

MM: Whoa! What's going on here?

SM: That's my shirt!! :::::points::::

MM: Shirt?

SM: YES!!!! My shirt, give it to me. :::pointing quite insistantly now:::

MM: Shirt? Where?

SM: RIGHT THERE!!! ::::really trying to just bend over enough to grab it::::

MM: WHOA!! What's going......

At which time one of the mints who had been watching this walks over, snatches it up and hands it to me. "Here you go"

SM: Beaming at him--THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

And for the record, Kris thanks you too. Steve signed it with a heart and his name on the tag. Nice for her.

My favorite moment (besides that story) was when spot lights lit Steve up from behind and they shown all around him giving him a very Jesus-like hue. Yeah, Steve. Do that. Fish was in such awe I had to scream at her to take a picture. She got one. It is enough. See picture page.

Another part I really like is on SFD when he sings "smaller than a tear," he pinches his fingers together to show you how little. Sweet touch. Again, see pictures.

The crowd was very diverse. Many young, many my age, several older. All were unable to just stand still. Lots singing along. (Note to you all, just because you know the words, doesn't mean you should try to sing so blasted loud that everyone around you can hear you, and maybe, just maybe, you can get Steve's attention. It isn't about you. It is about Steve. Give him that.)

Here is another piece of advice passed on to you. Steve is interested in knowing who we are. He really cares. He will give you the time, and be gracious to you. Tell him who you are. When meeting him, don't paw at him. If you are intuitive, you will sense he has a boundary set up. Don't cross it. He doesn't want to be groped. Be respectful. Don't go blowing it for the rest of us. Because have no doubt, if you do cross the line, he will let you know about it and why do that to yourself? Why do that to him? Just sayin'.

When the show ended I took Happy mom (who drove 5 hours to see him and arrived for the last two songs only) to the merchandise table. We bought her the cd and then Steve came out to sign things. He of course was kind and thankful for us all and signed all we had. We took several pictures and then left to work the crowd some more. A group of us went into the parking lot and laughed til it hurt, told stories and enjoyed the love together. We took some pictures, grabbed some body parts and laughed some more. Steve and company began packing the van and besides making one comment about "where are your people to do that for you?" we left him alone. The man deserves to not be afraid it will be "fan attack" every time he sees one of us. Besides, the "Steve" part was over and it was time for more Unifying Steve theory love. The friendships will last a lifetime. We finally packed it in and drove away. Leaving behind the venue but not the experience of it all. It was a wonderful time. Steve, you are doing a really good job. See you in Seattle.

Shalagh Knight

Burns at a table signing something for a fan.


Fishy called me from the concert. (For which I am eternally grateful.)

I'm giving a few spoilers until the way better report comes from those that were there.

From my Notes:

It's 90,000 degrees in Minnesota tonight.

Fishy calls

Lita hears the phone and wakes up. "I wanna talk to Steve! I wanna talk to Steve!" She gets Fishy instead.

I am informed Steve has received the Twinkie jammies. Response I'm keeping to myself.

Starts with the Paul video. I don't understand a word. ok, I understand 5 words. "Hotel Room" and "Rock and Roll". That's all I got.

Song #1: What I Do on Saturday

Steve is drinking Rolling Rock. (Fishy knew I would be concerned.)

For those keeping track at home, Kris is drinking Leine BerryWeiss

Song #2: >1

Then there's a thump. Steve says 'Well, that was scary'. Not sure what happened. I am afraid for Steve's safety, but our Mighty Little Man continues on. I hope it wasn't a Twinkie

Someone from the crowd yells. Steve says "I love you!"

Kris starts beer #2.

He introduces the band.

Song #3: Troposphere (Which I realized at 4:00am while laying in bed I forgot and got up to add.)

Kris can not hold back a little 'squee' when she hears the first few notes.

Steve asks for a towel from the dressing room because he is a Sweaty Little Man.

Miss Fish THROWS STEVE MY SHIRT! Steve Burns wiped his sweat on my shirt! There is much screaming in the 'lil Kris household. I will be sleeping with that shirt every night. I am in love with Miss Fish.

Song #4: Super Strings

Steve says something about the drummer and Toys 'R Us. A member of the crowd informs everyone he works there.

Song #5: Henry Krinkle

Kris starts living room dancing.

During the long "I'll fly away", I turn into a Jello mold of Steve Love.

Fishy informs me it's misspelled on the play list.

There is much belching on my part. (It tastes like the bad penne pasta I got from the deli. Yuck)

Next thing I know...

Steve is saying "Hi, lil Kris!"

I believe I may have screamed in his ear. I didn't think he was holding the phone. Steve, I am so sorry. I hope I didn't do any permanent damage. If I have, please send me the doctor's bill. You should give talking to me on the phone another chance. Really. I'll make it up to you.

I am now a puddle of Steve Love. 100% Liquifed Steve Love

He tells me to say "Hi"

I do.

They didn't hear me.

He says "Everybody say 'Hi to lil Kris'"

The crowd says "Hi"

I am willing to sleep with anyone who was in the crowd that night. Call me. I totally wanna make out with Fishy. She is the best person ever.

My notes get messy and hard to read at this point because I was shaking.


Enter Kris's vodka.

Song #6: Who gives a crap, Steve knows who I am.

er... it was, Stick Around.

I think Fishy said this was her fav song? (messy notes)

He says thank you to Houston.

Song #7: MLM

Says something about his friend Gabe with the beard looking remarkable.

Song #8: Dustmites

Kris has to pee really bad. I have listened to Steve Burns live, in my bathroom, while on the potty. (Eat that, SuperDave!)

Jason broke a drumstick.

Much static and yelling.

Fishy says they'll call me later.

I hope I have the chance to apologize to Steve personally. (So sorry, dude.)

Kris makes nachos

oh, look... Pride and Prejudice is on A&E

Kris thinks she's sobering up until she dips her hand into the salsa without the nacho. damn.



Thanks for taking pictures of us, Fish! Joe just dropped them off - they look AWESOME! They'll be on our website by the end of the week.

It was great talking to you at the show! I had a blast as well! The entire experience will live with me for the rest of my life, and this is why: not only were all of the people in the audience SUPER COOL and SO appreciative of the creativity of the bands, but the bands THEMSELVES were so nice!!! Steve and the Starlight Mints were so down to earth and seemed to like modulator a lot. I've been doing this sort of thing for a few years now, and I have to say that this was probably modulator's best show to date.

Glad to hear you and your friends had a good time. FYI - it was a sold out show, and people had to be turned away at the door (its causing a mini-controversy on some Houston music message boards). Thank God for presale tix!



My review won't be as exciting as Shalovee, Fish or Lil Kris but I'll give it a shot since Shalovee requested one.

I got to the club about an hour early since 1) I've never heard of the place before (Houston has what seems like a million clubs) and didn't know what to expect and 2) I didn't buy a presale ticket on line (which I knew I should have done) so I wanted to be sure I was going to be able to get into the club. No one was there so I sat in my car biding my time with a book and the radio (I said it wouldn't be exciting).

Finally a few people started arriving and getting into line. So I joined them. As I was walking across the parking lot I spied Steve talking to a group of girls with shoe polish dustmites drawn on the car windows…I wonder who they were??

I was standing in line chatting with the high-school kids (it was an all ages show) when Shalovee, MissFish and QueenJewel get into line. They're all giggly and giddy from their recent encounter with the godlet. They were "surveying" everyone (all 5 of us-it was early) on who we were there to see (Steve, of course), how we found out about the show (For me it was on MTV and of course the cool high school kids found out from various music sites), what's our favorite song (hard to choose just one), etc.

Since I was at the show alone, and they immediately adopted me and included me in the fun. We talked about misc. things – the road trip from Austin, the show in Austin, Steve in general, our ages, kids or the lack there of and the gathering crowd.

It was well past 8pm before they finally let us into the club. They said sound check was running late. I was very surprised by the club. It was very open and was much larger than it looked from the outside. (If you want to know more about the stage - read MissFish's review). But I will add that it was small and crowded with all of the equipment.

Finally the show began. Moderator opened. They were amazing (check out the site if you get a chance moderator.org)! After they were finished they started to tear down and Steve and the Starlight Mints set up their stuff.

While Steve was untangling some electrical cords a girl sitting next to the stage tried to hand him an empty beer bottle to throw away for her (I think she thought he was a roadie). He took it and put it somewhere behind her.

I don't really have any new insights into the show other than I thought it was incredible. Steve puts forth a lot of energy into his show. He has a very captivating stage presence. He was sweating a great deal (read Shalovee's review about the t-shirt) but then everyone was it was so hot in there (and not just because of Steve). There was no central AC and so many people in the club that they were blocking the fans.

After teardown and before the Starlight Mints Steve was in the back talking to people. Of course The Posse went to say hi and snap some pics. Once they said their hellos and goodbye's to Steve I returned Shalovee's bag (containing THE t-shirt, an autograph, and Jason's broken drumstick). We all retreated to the parking lot to say our goodbyes to each other.

All in all it was a wonderful experience and went by much too quickly. So when Steve gets to your town make it a priority to go. You will not regret it.


Friday, August 15th.....After a quick breakfast at Denny's we hit the road. Got back to Houston and stopped at the Walgreens close to Felicias house. The second I walked in the door saw the "twinkie" pajama bottoms. (This is a thread gone way wrong over at Steve's message board) Shalagh and I decided we are going to buy them for Steve. Fish was against it and repeated it many times the rest of the day. LOL. We dropped off the film and rushed home to get on the puters to post, eat and get ready for the show. My pictures of the Austin show did not come out.

So off to Stuka we go. We got their early again. As we where waiting in the parking lot I took some pictures of the club and what I thought was Steves tour "bus". A few minutes later, Steve walks out a side door to the club to what was his real bus.....really a van. He saw us out there and came over to talk. He said we where hardcore, asked how long we where going to do this (getting scared Steve LOL) and said we where really early. He also liked how we shoe polished the windows to the Fish's car. We gave him his "twinkie" pants and said that the thread was the most disturbing thing he had ever read. Fish mentioned again how she had nothing to do with this. A few more minutes of chatting and back inside he went.

He hits the stage at 10:00. Another fantastic show!!! After the show more autographs, more pictures, and after our final good byes and wishing him luck the rest of the tour we parted ways.

Fish, Shalagh and I had a fantastic time. Fish, you are the best for letting me tag along. I love you to death, girl. We were so there!!!!! ShalaghGoetz, to me you are the prize in the Cracker Jack box. I had a blast and will remember this forever.

Steve Burns.........you wock!!!

Burns performing on stage with his band. Burns on stage wearing silly sunglasses. Burns performing on stage. Burns playing guitar and singing into a microphone.


Getting There

"Yesterday I moved a mountain." Actually, it was Friday.

When I started my day Friday morning, little did I know how it would end. I got ready that morning for one purpose—to take my baby to a routine doctor visit.

I wanted to go to Houston so badly that I could taste it, but I was sure my husband wouldn't understand. Then on Friday, he mentioned an upcoming Houston business trip that he would have to take. I jokingly yet hopefully said that I wanted to go to Houston that day, but for different reasons—Steve was playing there. He said we should all go (even though the two Houston trips wouldn't merge—we would still have to come back home and he would go back to Houston when his business trip came closer). It was an honest to goodness offer.

Panic Strikes

Oh--my--goodness. I already told everyone on the board that I was not going. No ticket held for me, no one expecting me. How would I get in touch with anyone in such short notice? What to do? What to do? Well, never underestimate the power of our circle of Steve friends. I posted a message begging for help and sent out some frantic emails. Then Super Dave PM's me with the cell number of the Austin/Houston group.

I called the number, my hand trembling. A voice cheerfully answered, and I said, "Hi. I have no idea who I'm talking to…" I didn't know what to say next. I didn't have to. The voice says, "It's Miss Fish!" So I blurt out, "It's Lisa!! Happy Mom!!" With such honest glee, she announces, "It's Happy Mom" and I hear a group of voices cheering. Just a taste of what fun they'd been and were having, I could tell. I explained the situation, and then I got to talk to Shalagh (my Barry buddy). They just as well had been celebrities—audible voices of those who until then I had only communicated with in text.

Once my husband and I made up our minds that it was Houston or bust, the packing frenzy began. Packing for two adults and two babies is quite a task to complete when the clock is ticking.

We hit the road. I drove like I've never driven before. I drove like the wind. You know, there's a fine balance between driving to make an important event on time and keeping one's children safe. Yet, what should have taken 5 hours minimum took 4 hours and 20 minutes.

All the while, Miss Fish made frequent calls to me on our cell to check on my progress. How thoughtful and helpful.

We finally arrived at the hotel, and I went up with my husband and the babies. He would have dropped me off at the concert, but I had to be a mama first. My children's first time in a strange hotel room, I felt compelled to go up with them and see that they were comfortable before I left.

The Road Less Traveled Really Does Make All the Difference

I kissed the babies and hit the road, Westheimer, in Houston. Wheeeeee! I was on my way! I thought about all of the songs that I couldn't wait to hear live. Miss Fish checked in once again and I told her I was on Westheimer. She was glad to hear that and told me exactly where to find them in the club.

Now, Westheimer is a long, long street. It even changes names. I originally told Fish I was going to take another route, the one she agreed was the best route. At the last minute though, I decided to take Westheimer all the way down to the club. With my notorious nature of getting lost, I decided the safest bet for me would be to take the straight path. So that's what I did. I took the straight path. To a fault. There are lots of reasons why I might have did what I did, but the end result was this: I missed the street sign of the street that I should have turned onto.

It's what I do. I get lost. I get lost often.

"Have you ever been so tired of yourself?"

I called Miss Fish a few times, but I got that dreaded cellular subscriber in unavailable message. (Later I learned this was for a good reason.) I called my hotel help desk, telling them the street I was looking for. They never heard of it. I called Stuka. "Our business hours are…" Uggghhhhh!!! I passed a McDonalds. I turned into their parking lot on two wheels. Screeeech. Heads turned. The staff looked frightened. I ran out of the car and up to an employee and calmly explained my situation. His look changed from caution to pity as he said, "Oh, you're waaay past that. That's 15 minutes from here."

I called my husband. From a map of Houston in the hotel room amidst cries of "Mama. MaMAAA!" he read off street names. "Where are you?" he begged. (One step away from missing Steve completely.) "I don't know!" I lamented. For a moment, I had no idea where I was or how to get to anywhere—I couldn't even get back to the hotel if I wanted to. I was a tiny speck on the face of our planet with no clue where I was. I was only sure of one thing—I was in Texas. A sniveling mess, I cried out to God to help me—please keep me safe and please help me to catch SOME of Steve's concert. I'd gone so far. I'd gone too far.

But after a while, the streets I saw matched his map and there it was--that big, glowing, white sign that told me I'd made it. "Stuka."

I park. I run like lightening to the door. "I'm Lisa. There's a ticket up here for me." There was. The door person went to put a wrist thingy on my arm. He pealed it and it stuck to itself instead of around my wrist. He cussed. I wanted to. My wrist was almost up his nose waiting for another band. He got another and fastened it on. "Enjoy the show," he said. "Thank you!"

The Moment of Truth

It was a large crowd. How nice for Steve to have had such a big audience. I didn't know how I would get through. As I weave through with lots of excuse me's and I'm sorry's, I hear positive comments on the imagery on the screen behind Steve. I almost reach the front, see blonde hair and call out "Shalagh!" Fish looks up—she holds my hand and gently pulls me to them. I give her a quick rundown, she introduces me to Queen Jewel and Shalovee. Shalovee is holding up Fish's cell phone toward Steve's singing. "Lil Kris!" she explains. Then I that three feet from me, to my left, is… Steve! Oh, my goodness. It's Steve. It's him! He's right there! Oh, my goodness. I ask Fish, "How many songs do you think he has left?" She answered with a look that combined empathy and optimism, "Two." I soon knelt down because I was a little taller than the people behind me and they were there (long) before me. It worked out well, I think.

That's when he thanked Houston. My heart fell a little, but I was ready to take on those last two songs as though they were the last two songs I'd ever hear in my life.

Steve began MLM. I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed by everything that had just happened. I felt regret that I didn't see him start the concert. And that I didn't hear my favorite, Troposphere. Or Saturday. Or much else. But I decided to forget it. I was there and I was going to soak it up like a sponge.

The Concert—the Steve Experience

Some observations about his appearance…There's a little tattoo on his inner right forearm—a little lightening bolt. Just an outline, not filled in. It looks black. He's wearing a white jumpsuit. Everyone is. Not the Elvis variety, mind you, but a cover-up type of jumpsuit. Like something you might wear in space or when handling biohazardous material--yet fashionable. The Mints are all wearing the same white jumpsuits It gave a very crisp, clean, uniform presentation, visually. His hair is short but not too short, and I have to take his word on the male pattern baldness, because I don't see any. He has a little stubble, but not too much. As he sings, I see a dimple. Ahhhh.

Now, that the imagery is out of the way, there's the music. MLM pumped up from a live band is amazing. I would have liked for the volume on his microphone to have been turned up a little more so I could have heard his voice better, but that's ok. I could hear it all the same. He sang with such emotion—so expressive, so comfortable, not appearing nervous in the least. He performed his music like he was proud of it and believed in it and breathed life into it without a trace of arrogance. There was a screen above/behind him with video playing. Had I been there longer, I would have looked at the screen more, but I was still in that awe-struck state that I was actually watching Steve sing his heart out. So, I mostly just watched him. And I loved feeling MLM resound in my lungs when they cranked up. We all bobbed our heads. Everyone was rockin'. It was great.

He began Dustmites. Wow. How hauntingly brilliant. Again, such _expression. He and the music are one. You really have to see this live to truly appreciate what following this dream truly means to him. Words can't do it justice.

Then it was over. Steve said thank you. They started picking up the set. I wanted to hit rewind, but we were live.

At the merchandise table, Steve greeted his fans. I met him. I really met him, and it was wonderful!! He was very appreciative, gracious, sincere. I approached him again later for a picture (it took every fiber of my being to ask, because I didn't want to be a pest.) Shalagh snapped our picture. He thanked me again. Imagine that--he thanked me, but the thanks goes to HIM! He has given so much of himself to all of his fans of all ages.

Here's something I'm ashamed of, though. He was sitting down, finally catching a quiet moment from all of the chaos, and looks up. I'm standing there, utterly staring at him with the hugest smile on my face, like a star-struck teenager. Then I quickly looked away as though I hadn't just been utterly staring at him. In my defense, I was still caught up in the awe of it all since it was relatively still new to me. Had I seen the whole concert, I think a little of that oh-my-goodness-I-just-met-Steve would have worn off a little. I smile often and big. It was just amplified on Steve. Sorry about that. I hate being stared at and there I did it to someone else.

Miss Fish, Shalagh & Robin were so welcoming—just like I was a long lost relative. They really looked out for me and took me under their wings (being experienced Steve concert-goers and all).

Later, our little group left and hung out in the parking lot. We talked and laughed. We saw Steve and I couldn't help but notice how n one assumed anything and no one ran up to him. We stayed just where we were and left him be. I was impressed by that. I, however, still stared and smiled, though. Oh, well. I'll be better next time.

A Reflection

If I knew then what I know now, and I knew that despite my best last minute efforts I would hear two songs, I would absolutely, positively do it all again. Hearing Steve breathe life into those 2 songs live was worth every moment. And meeting him…I'll treasure that always.

While still in Houston, I played "Saturday" in the car, and I asked my little boy (he's 26 months), "Who is that singing?'" He listened. He thought. Suddenly, he smiled and his eyes twinkled. "Steeeve!" That's right, I said. Steve!

There are memories that will last a lifetime. These will be among them.


Burns performing with his band on stage.


Burns looking off to the side on stage. A projected image of Domo wearing angel wings.

Burns and bandmates setting up the stage. A projected image of Burns drumming the Thinking Chair.

Audio clips:

Stick Around

A Song For Dustmites

I really wish I could remember where I found these...

August 16 - Good Records - Dallas TX


No one posted about the goof up that was the Dallas in-store appearance that was at Good Records. About 50 people there. Steve and band apparently got there 30 minutes before, found the store closed, and left (they didn't open the store until 3 exactly ... don't know why). Anyway, they drove back about 3:30 and found the store open. Steve and Jason played two or three songs (same as the Austin promo stop, including a little kid on drums) before Steve broke a guitar string. While someone went out the get another guitar from the van, Steve's cell phone rings. It's Dan - the guy who did the video for his shows. Very timely and funny moment.

New guitar comes in. Something's wrong with grounding of the equipment and Steve keeps getting shocked. Given all the problems, they break into a hard-rockin' version of "Steve has a Silly Hat." Then suddenly they stop. Electric shocks are so bad. Someone offers their sock to put over the mike to stop charges. Eeeeew. Someone finds a cover for the mike, and Steve decides to cut his losses and play one finally solo song.

Steve and Jason are very apologic to me and my daughter, but we understand. Hey, it was free. And it was Steve for cryin' out loud.

That night, after the Denton show, which went off w/o a hitch and even the Mrs. found it quite good, Jason spots me and her on his way out of the place. "Hey, I'm so sorry about the record store this afternoon. I told Steve we should apologize to you during the show, but he said no - this was a no apologies rock show." What a nice guy.

Just thought all that should go on the record. Good show. Great guys. No wonder you love 'em so.

Burns playing a guitar and singing into a microphone on stage.

August 16 - Rubber Gloves - Denton TX


Thank heavens for pre-ordering tickets because there was a HUGE line when we showed up. The place was so small and HOT. I WAS wearing my halo and got noticed as soon as the Godlet took the stage (to which the chick behind me said "I'm soooo jealous") The poor band sweating their asses off did a great job. My husband and I both got a shirt and a bumpersticker.

We were about to head outside to wait for a bit since I'm really claustrophobic and it was starting to get to me when Steve-man stepped up to the bar. He signed my CD (emblazened it really, the pen wasn't working well) and was sweet enough to take a picture with me.

I'm really shy in person with people so I didn't talk to him much. I felt bad for interrupting his beer so we left. Good thing too because our car wouldn't start and a jump from another car wouldn't get it going either. We sat around for 45 minutes waiting for a tow truck to use one of those jumper boxes which got us going. Brand new freakin' car, its late, I'm pissed and tired and my babysitter is still asleep on the couch because we didn't get in until 2:30 AM.

Burns talking into a microphone. Burns performing on stage with projected video of him drumming the Thinking Chair. Burns posing with a fan who is wearing a halo.

NATASHA FATALE: (also found here)

Burns singing into a microphone. Burns performing on stage with video projected over him of someone riding a bike. Burns performing on stage with video projected over him of a devil. Burns performing on stage with video projected over him. Burns at the microphone looking off to the side. Burns singing into the microphone. Burns singing into the microphone. Burns looking off to the side. Burns holding onto the microphone with his head away from it. Burns singing into the microphone with an image of him wearing x-ray goggles behind him. Burns on stage looking off to the side. Burns talking into the microphone. Burns posing with a fan. Burns smiling for the camera. A signed copy of Songs for Dustmites by Steve Burns.

Video clip:

Original version to download:

Mighty Little Man


Burns on stage messing with an amp.

August 19 - Mason Jar - Phoenix AZ

Burns standing while a band member drinks water behind him.

August 20 - The Casbah - San Diego CA


I went to the one in SD, in the Casbah. It Rocked!!!

He played ...

What I do on Saturday

More than One



Henry Krinkles Lament

Stick Around

Mighty Little Man

A Song for Dustmites

In that order.

Steve was cool. The goofy faces he pulls are just too fast for anyone I know to get a pic without really good timing. He has a tatoo on his right arm that's the outline of lightning. He also has a dimple on his left cheek. (face) The crowd absolutely loved him. Comparatively, the band before him was "much less loved."

He played to the audience totally. He was energetic and we all responded to it. About half of us were singing to the lyrics with him. (not that you could have heard any of us) He applauded the audience, saying something like, "Lets hear it for the fans." He got hyper with the guitar during the more energetic time in his songs. He even broke a string on his accoustic guitar, so we got to hear a normally accoustic song on his axe. He seemed really energetic on stage, but afterward he was totally beat.

I don't remember the name of that doll Steve has (it's brown with big teeth, and it's from Japan. EDIT: Domokun), but another fan brought one and Steve took it and sang to it on stage. (then he gave it back) Steve autographed the doll too. He's really nice to us "mighty little fans" (even if we bug him) While I was there, I met 2 new friends, (one of which is the gal who brought the doll) whom I hope to hang out with again.

Some jerk was there spouting off stuff about Blue's Clues (wich seemed to kinda bum out Steve), but Steve was a good sport about it. The guy wasn't heckling, he was trying to be cute. As far as I have heard Steve hates it when people go to his concerts just because he was on Blue's Clues. He hopes that people will go because his music is good.

My ears were ringing afterward but it was so worth it. I was there cause the music is cool. If I didn't like the music, I wouldn't have gone.

3 things have to "make it" for me to like the music.

1. I gotta understand the lyrics.

2. I gotta understand the message.

3. I gotta like the message and the lyrics.

Steve hits all 3 and then some. I love his sense of humor. It's more than a triple play. He hits it out of the ballpark.

The Mints played after him. They're quite good. I don't get it like I get Steve, but it was good.

Afterward he autographed stuff. I got a CD. He autographed the front, the insert and the CD it's self. (He's so patient and cool with us fans.)

Steve was even nice enough for me to get a pic of him and me. (three, actually, cause the guy who took our pic couldn't see, cause of how dark it was, and kept cutting things off.) But it was totally cool. I tried to hang out with him afterward, but he was too tired. (I'm sure he was just blowing me off cause he didn't want fans hanging around asking stupid questions.) But it was cool just to be there.

As far as I know, the posters sold out in SD.

My camera does 15 sec quicktime movies (without sound unfortunately) but I got a couple of him dancing a bit on stage.

Burns on sitting down on stage with his band. Burns on stage playing with his band. Burns on stage holding a doll of Domo and talking into the microphone. Burns on stage with his band.


Just a few more comments about the Casbah show (as Kilohoku has covered most of it):

First, it must be said the the Starlight Mints are absolutely fabulous. They did an amazing job of backing Steve up and are deserving recognition for their amazing musical talents. I would like to see/hear alot more of them in the future, and the teaming of Steve with the group was perfect.

I spoke with Steve albeit briefly (I am terribly bashful and therefore, cannot communicate in an extremely intelligent manner (read that as "I turn stupid."), and I did manage to ask him how the tour was going and he replied that it was going very well though the Phoenix show was not well attended. I introduced him to my Domokun and was pleased to meet him - he commented that mine looked so good while his was looking pretty raggedy.

A little while later, LynnSkidoo1 and I had to go to the car for a few minutes. We were slowly walking back to the Casbah, and could see Steve standing across the street and talking to a couple of women with a little girl. It was incredibly cool to see him taking the time to speak with them, and in particular, taking time to speak with the little girl. He leaned in towards her, touched her shoulder, exchanged a few words with her, and made some memories for this small group of fans. I'm assuming they walked over to the club just to see him as the Casbah has the nobody under 21 restriction. It seems trite to say "I love this guy!" (okay, I do) but it's more than that: I really respect and admire Steve.

The small club venue for his show is great (especially for us fans as he is there among us before and after his set, and speaks with anybody and everybody.) If there were glitches in his show (and I'm sure there were several), it really didn't matter. The atmosphere is casual, informal and allows the performers and crowd to get intimate with each other. And Steve becomes one with the audience - talking, bantering, drawing us in with those eyes, the smile, then finally embracing us with his music. The caress is divine.

The heckler - was apparently knowledgeable about Blue's Clues and kept throwing out BC-isms. There was one funny incident where Jason threw a rolled sheaf of papers across the stage, barely missing Steve, and the guy yelled "Steve, you just got a letter." Everybody laughed, and Steve did not do the Mail song. While the guy knew BC well, he apparently does not know Steve well. He probably thought that he would really make a "Steve-bond" by declaring that he "hated" Joe. I watched Steve's face as that comment was hurled (pun intended) and there was briefly a mixture of anger/pain/disgust that registered across his face. Steve then said that "Joe is really a very nice man, a great guy. He really is..." (Paraphrased as I didn't write this down.)

The show went by too fast; it was over just as it was starting. Okay, that's just the way it felt. The audience thoroughly loved Steve's music. When they launched into WIDOS, the response was a united surge of recognition, a group inhale, culminating in applause, cheers, and hands in the air.

It was fun when during Troposphere, Steve looks my way and is motioning for the Domokun. I'm wrapped up in taking pictures, and LynnSkiddoo was holding it. She shoves it into my hand and says "Steve wants this!" I finally get it (meaning like "figured out"), and pass it to Steve. It was hysterical watching him sing to the Domokun. (I think Lil Kris and I ought to get together, shirt and Domokun, and party.)

All of the songs were received enthusiastically. Steve - it must be so rewarding seeing everybody mouthing YOUR lyrics and singing YOUR music. I thought it was (and is) a triumph.

It was a wonderful evening and was over way too fast. I took many pictures (35mm) and they're being developed. I will post them as soon as I can (will be a few days.) When I asked Steve to autograph the Domokun, he took it and did the "doko-teeth-snarl face" (which we now know to be, more accurately, the "domo-teeth-snarl face" while making the ARRRRRGGGHHHH!!! noise. (Sock Puppet voice would have been very funny.)

Of all the images I collected that night, the one that still lingers is of Steve taking a few minutes to make a little fan feel special. I think that sums him up in a nutshell. He is one class act.

Burns talking into the microphone with a doll of Domo in his hand. Burns with Domo again. Burns talking into the microphone. Burns talking into the microphone. Burns playing guitar while looking off to the side. Burns playing guitar on stage.

JASON: (incorrectly listed as September on his site)

Burns on stage adjusting his guitar strap. Burns on stage talking into a microphone. Burns playing on stage with his band behind him. Burns' band performing on stage. Burns posing with a fan for a picture.

August 21 - Detroit Bar - Costa Mesa CA


Band members setting up on stage.

August 23 - The Troubador - Los Angeles CA


A crowd at a show. Burns playing on stage. Burns playing on stage with his band while an image is projected behind them. Burns and his band playing on stage.


Someone behind a glass window. Burns with his band on stage. Burns on stage. Burns with his band on stage. Burns with his band on stage.


Burns balancing an acoustic guitar on his chin.

August 24 - Cafe Du Nord - San Francisco CA


Woman showing off the Burns signature she obtained on her arm. Dustmite on a kick drum. Drum set. A doll of Domo behind the drum set. Burns on stage with his band. Jason wearing a helmet with a camera attached gesturing to the screen behind him. Jason sitting at his drum set. He is now drumming while what he sees is being projected on the screen behind him. Burns singing into the microphone. Blurry photo of the drum set. Burns at the microphone. Burns at the microphone. Burns at the microphone.

Video clips:

Original versions to download:

What I Do On Saturday


Mighty Little Man part one

Mighty Little Man part two


Black and white photo of Burns on stage.

Setlist from TWOCHEETAH:

A written set list. There are images beside most of the songs listed.

August 26 - Graceland - Seattle WA


Burns playing guitar on stage. Burns singing into the microphone on stage. Burns singing into the microphone on stage.


Burns and his band doing soundcheck.


Burns performing on stage while an image of Domo is projected on the screen behind him. Burns playing guitar on stage.

August 27 - Dante's - Portland OR


Burn sitting on a couch with a blanket draped over it. Burns playing guitar on stage. Burns jumping whilst playing guitar on stage. Burns singing into the microphone on stage.


Burns singing into the microphone on stage. Burns playing on stage. His pants are rolled up.

August 30 - Bluebird Theater - Denver CO


Burns smiling at the camera.

September 05 - Green Door - Oklahoma City OK


The crowd at a show. Burns grabbing a guitar. Burns balancing a guitar on his chin. Burns balancing a guitar on his chin. The band doing soundcheck. The band doing soundcheck. The band doing soundcheck. The band doing soundcheck. The band doing soundcheck. Burns and his band performing on stage. Burns holding up his guitar whilst singing into the microphone. There are images projected over him. Burns singing whilst playing guitar. There are images projected over him. Burns singing whilst playing guitar. There are images projected behind him. Burns singing whilst playing guitar. There are images projected behind him. Burns singing whilst playing guitar. Burns playing on stage. Burns playing on stage. Burns playing on stage. Burns playing on stage. Burns playing on stage.


Burns balancing a guitar on his chin. Burns playing guitar. Burns talking into the microphone. Burns playing on stage whilst a purple spotlight is on him. Burns performing on stage.


Burns with his band on stage.


Burns on stage.

October 20 - The Mercury Lounge - New York NY


Jason playing on stage. Close up of Burns' face. Burns with band on stage. Burns with fan.


Burns performing on stage. Burns performing on stage. Burns performing on stage. Burns performing on stage with a piece of paper in front of him. Burns performing on stage. Burns performing on stage. Burns performing on stage. The floor of the stage.


Burns and band performing on stage. Burns and band performing on stage. Burns performing on stage. Burns performing on stage. Burns performing on stage. Burns performing on stage. Burns performing on stage. Burns performing on stage with an image projected behind him. Burns performing on stage with an image projected behind him. Burns performing on stage with an image projected behind him. Burns performing on stage with an image projected behind him. Jason performing on stage. Jason performing on stage. Jason performing on stage. Jason performing on stage. Jason performing on stage. Jason performing on stage. Burns performing on stage whilst an image of him wearing x-ray goggles is projected behind him.


Burns doing sound check while an image is being projected behind him. Burns doing sound check while an image is being projected behind him. Band performing on stage.

December 03 - North Star Bar - Philadelphia PA


Jason performing on stage taken from above. Derek performing on stage taken from above. Burns and Derek performing on stage taken from above.

Video clips:

Original videos to download:

X-Ray Vision

What I Do On Saturday part one

What I Do On Saturday part two

Electric Funeral part one

Electric Funeral part two



December 04 - Iron Horse Music Hall - Northampton MA


Burns and band doing soundcheck on stage.

December 05 - The Middle East - Cambridge MA


Burns playing acoustic guitar and singing into the microphone on stage. Burns playing acoustic guitar and singing into the microphone on stage. Derek playing guitar and singing into the microphone on stage. Derek playing guitar and singing into the microphone on stage. Burns playing electric guitar and singing into the microphone on stage. Burns playing electric guitar and singing into the microphone on stage. Burns playing electric guitar and singing into the microphone on stage. Burns playing electric guitar on stage. Derek playing keyboard on stage. Burns playing acoustic guitar and singing into the microphone on stage. Burns playing acoustic guitar and singing into the microphone on stage. Burns near the microphone. Burns playing acoustic guitar and singing into the microphone on stage. Derek playing keyboard on stage. Derek playing keyboard on stage. Derek playing guitar on stage. Derek playing guitar on stage. Derek playing keyboard on stage. Derek playing keyboard on stage. Derek playing keyboard on stage. Derek playing keyboard on stage. Burns playing acoustic guitar on stage. Derek playing keyboard on stage.

December 06 - Southpaw - Brooklyn NY


Burns performing on stage. Burns performing on stage. Burns performing on stage. Burns performing on stage. Burns performing on stage. Burns performing on stage, he has his back to the crowd.