Various Sewn Items

Sometimes I sew! I started sewing dolls as practice, but it all just got out of hand. I absolutely enjoy making dolls and I am constantly thinking of new ideas! I really hope you think the dolls that I make are cool and maybe they'll inspire you to start making dolls of your own. I also really want to start making clothes for myself. Sometimes I see a pattern and wish I had a shirt with that or pants of that pattern and maybe one day I'll start. There are also things that I'd like to recreate for myself! I also want to try to create pins, earrings, necklaces, and other things similar to that. I think those would be fun and interesting.


A very large doll sitting on the floor. She has a bean shaped head that is of a plaid pattern. She has two ears sticking out the top that are boomerang shaped and are much smaller than her head. She has one pink button on the left side of her head and three buttons on the right side of her head that are red, pink, and purple. Her body is very long and gets slightly wider as you reach the bottom. The front of her body is of a colorful chevron pattern. She has three short arms on the left side of her and one long arm on the right side of her. The three short arms each have a different pattern on them with the top one having a square pattern of browns, blues, and oranges, the middle arm having a green fabric with blue flowers, and the bottom arm being orange. The arm on the right side is of the same plaid fabric as her head. She has two long legs. The leg on the left is plaid and the leg on the right is orange. The back of the doll. All of the fabrics are different on the back. Her head is of a beige fabric that hase an abstract floral pattern on it. Her body is the same plaid fabric that is seen on the front of her head. Her three arms are blue on the top, tiger print in the middle, and the beige with abstract flowers on the bottom. Her long arm is blue. Her two legs are green, and chevron underneath. The bottom of her is green.

This is the first doll I've made. She's a bit taller than three feet. I only wanted to use fabrics I already owned and I wanted her to be some sort of a ragdoll with the mismatched patterns and fabrics. She took me two days to finish. I like her a lot. I think she's very pretty. I also have this box of buttons that I want to use for something so that's why her eyes are like that. I have decided to keep her since she is the very first doll that I've ever made. I keep calling her Too Tall Girl since she is quite a tall doll. I think she's the tallest doll that I own.

A beige and green doll sitting on a black chair. This doll has a somewhat square body with two heads coming out of the top of it. One head has one green button for an eye and the other head has two green buttons for eyes. Each neck is wearing a green beaded necklace. The top of the body is of a floral pattern consisting of oranges, blues, greens, and browns. The underside has a stripe pattern with similar colors as the floral pattern. The doll has four arched green legs like the legs of a spider. The green fabric has flowers all over of it. The back of the same doll. You can see that the doll has a short triangular tail coming of the back end of it. The tail is of the same pattern as the legs.

This is the second doll I've made. I made them right after the first one. I wanted them to be a lot smaller and I wanted to sew the whole thing by hand. I messed up a bit on this one, but it doesn't matter. I also gave the necks some nice necklaces. I wanted this doll to match more and be more consistent than the last one. This doll ended up with a friend of mine and he named the doll Ajay. He picked this doll because they look similar to a turtle and my friend really likes turtles.

A green and plaid doll sitting on a black chair. The doll has a small plaid round head with two green horns coming out of it. It has four eyes made of clear buttons. The right side of their head only has one button and the left side has three buttons. The doll has a large body made of the same plaid material. It has a round green belly. They have two arms sticking out of the left side of their body. Each arm has three green fingers like eyes on a potato. The right side of their body only has one arm that has four fingers on it. They have two legs with rectangular feet. The back of the doll. Looks similar to the front, but has no green belly.

This is the third doll that I have made. I wanted this one to have a belly kinda like a bear. That part was difficult to do and I did it by hand, but I think I now understand how I would be able to do it with a machine. I also wanted the fingers on their left arm to be similar to how I draw fingers like shown in this one drawing. I also had some trouble attaching the feet to the legs, but I think I got it. I wanted to only use clear buttons for their eyes because I thought that would have looked cool. I have decided to keep this guy and I named him Ezra.

The top of a grey doll laying on the floor. It has a round grey body with a very long neck with a round head at the end of it. The head has a long snout coming out of it with a long red tongue coming out of that. The head has two small green beads for eyes. The body has six stubby green legs with three on each side. The underside of that same grey doll. The body has a white and black floral pattern as the belly. You can see that the doll also has a short triangular green tail coming out of the butt.

Here is the fourth doll that I have made. This one was difficult to make because the grey and red parts are made of polyester and that material is very hard to work with since it is very stretchy. Those parts are made of old shirts that my brother used to wear. I wanted to make a doll with a really long neck and have a long snout. The tongue didn't end up how I wanted it to be, but I think it looks fine. This time I used beads for their eyes instead of buttons. I have a bunch of these tiny beads that were in a friendship bracelet making kit and I never used them for the bracelets so now I'm using them for eyes. I also bought some new fabric and used it for underneath the body. This doll was claimed by a friend of mine and was named Kipper.

A blue and beige doll sitting on the ground. They have a small round head with long, floppy ears that touch the ground. Their body is larger than their head, but shorter than their ears. They have four short legs coming out of their body. Their head is of a beige fabric with light blue polka dots. They have two tiny blue beads for eyes. The top of their is also made of the same fabric, but the underside is of a blue fabric that has a lighter blue pattern on top. Their belly and legs are made of the same blue fabric. The back of the doll. The back of the body is made of the beige and light blue polka dotted fabric.

The fifth doll that I made right after the fourth doll. I surprisingly was able to finish this doll in one day. Most of the other dolls took about two days. I also bought new fabric for this one which was the dotted fabric. I'm not so sure why I bought this pattern since I don't like it so much, but I guess it can fit with some dolls. The main thing I wanted to create with this doll are floppy ears. I wanted the doll to have longer legs in the back so whenever they're on all fours their butt is up in the air, but that didn't work so well with this doll. I didn't plan it out so thoroughly. I didn't plan out any of these dolls that thoroughly. I really messed up on that left arm. It shouldn't be caving in like that, but not all of the arm got underneath the initial seam so I had to keep sewing over that one part until it was closed. Oh well! I used beads for eyes on this one, too. I think I'm going to use the beads only for much smaller dolls. This doll was claimed by a friend of mine and was named Ray.

Two dolls of John Linnell and John Flansburgh are sitting in a bed with other dolls. Linnell is on the left and is wearing a blue and white striped t-shirt with striped shorts. He has two black button eyes and brown eyebrows drawn on above them. He has short brown yarn hair. Flansburgh is on the right of him and is wearing a red and white gingham print long sleeve button up with tiger print shorts. He has two black button eyes with somewhat dark grey eyebrows and a beard drawn on. He has short brown yarn hair with grey yarn hair around his ears.

I made dolls of John Linnell and John Flansburgh for some reason. These men have been in progress for months. I really want to make at least one outfit for both of them. I plan to use them for a video for the song "Oh You Did" and put wires in them so they're poseable. These dolls could have been a lot better, but I did the best I could at the time. Everything is done by hand even their clothes. This was my first time making humans and it was my first time using yarn for hair. I don't remember how I figured out how to do their hair, but I did it. I think I could have cut their hair better and overall planned it out better because it doesn't look that good, but it's whatever. I can easily change it if I wanted to. It was rather difficult to do their hair since it's so short. They shed a lot, it's annoying. They're fun to play with.

An orange doll standing on a black chair. They have a small head consisting of a brown, blue, yellow, and orange rectangle pattern. They have two horns sticking out and have three button eyes on the left of their face and one large button eye on the right of their face. Their body is orange with a brown floral pattern belly. They have two short stubby legs that are also orange. They have two short arms on the left side of their body and one very long arm on the left side of their body. Both arms have that rectangle pattern on them. The back of the doll. The entirety of the back of the body is the same orange fabric. You can see that the fingers on the two short arms and the horns are of that brown floral pattern that the belly has.

This is the eighth doll that I've made. I wanted to redo the design for the third doll that I made. The belly is so hard to do. I need to practice that more. I messed up on the positioning of the two arms on the left, but I didn't feel like removing all of the stitching so now they're overlapping each other. I wanted them to go out away from each other. Since this was another practice doll, I used more of these fabric samples that I've used before. This little guy has been named Dmitri. He is the little brother of Ezra.

A blue and green doll sitting on a black chair. They have a small head with a long snout that has a plaid green pattern at the end of it. The head has one large button for an eye on the left and two smaller button eyes on the right. The head and the body are all dark blue with the arms and legs being dark green. They have two arms with the left arm being very short and small and the right arm being long and large. The two legs that they have are thin and long. The back of the doll. You can see the eyes much better from this angle.

This is the ninth doll that I have made and my first commission!!! My mother showed her boyfriend the doll that I made before and he asked me if I could make one for him. He said I could do whatever I want, but the doll should be at least blue and green. I wanted to revisit that fourth doll that I made in a way. I didn't reuse the template from before, but I wanted to have another doll with a long snout. This doll was named Durante because of his huge snout (if you look up Jimmy Durante then you'll understand why he was named that). How come all of the smaller arms end up on the same side of the doll?

A doll with a celestial print on it. The background is dark blue with golden stars all over. It has a head with three short growths coming out of it. They have two glittery, clear button eyes with a yellow embroidered smile. They have a white ribbun with a sun button wrapped around their neck. They have two arms with one facing down and one stretched upwards as if they are waving. They also have two bent legs that look like they're dancing. The back of the doll.

WHOO! My tenth doll!!! I made this little baby on a whim. I wanted to make something by hand again and something small so this small one was created. I also love this fabric and would love to have more of it. It's such a cool pattern. I also love it combined with the clear glitter buttons used for the eyes. It also went so well with the sun button that I had. This doll looks so good!

A doll of a fictional character named Leslie Down. He is a white man with red scars all over his body. He has black yarn for hair and is wearing black glasses over his black button eyes. He is wearing a pink button up with a celestial blazer on top. He is wearing a tie that has a pattern of sweets on it. His pants are of an intricate pattern consisting of green, yellow, brown, and red. His shoes are pink. The back of Leslie Down. You can see how much yarn was used for his hair.

This doll was commissioned by a friend of mine for a friend of ours. This character belongs to Eddie (alltimewhat on tumblr). His name is Leslie Down and is based off of the They Might Be Giants song "Hide Away Folk Family." He was rather difficult to finish. I was having so much trouble making a necktie and a blazer for him. At first, I made the necktie the way you're supposed to, but it ended up being too short and too thick for him. I had to redo it and use up more fabric that I don't even have a lot of. It was such a sad time. Making that blazer was so confusing. I don't understand them that much. I chose that fabric for his blazer because my friend was also getting the doll above so I wanted them to match. They're best friends.

A doll of a young John Flansburgh and a young John Linnell sewn together as one. Flansburgh is on the left side wearing a white button up and brown pants. He has three buttons going down his shirt. He has short black hair and is wearing black glasses. He has two black buttons for eyes. Linnell is on the right side and is wearing a dark blue turtleneck with black pants. He has short brown hair and has two black buttons for eyes. The back of the doll.

Here is the Two Headed Johnster! I wanted to make a doll of John Flansburgh and John Linnell for my good friend Greg (he hosts This Might Be a Podcast, you should totally listen to it), but I didn't want to just copy my John dolls so I made something quite interesting. I actually didn't plan on making these dolls for him, but on the first episode that I appeared on, he randomly said something along the lines of, "yeah, I'm just waiting for Seymour to make dolls of the Johns for me." Afterwards I thought to myself, "well, I guess I have to." Funny how he says things and I just make them afterwards. Even my first John dolls were made because I tweeted out I was going to make a doll whenever I woke up and he asked me if it was going to be a Linnell doll or a Flans doll so I just had to make them later on. Okay, back to serious business. This was my first time using felt for hair and I have decided that I hate it, but I will continue to use it. My brother said he liked it better than the yarn hair on my John dolls because there's a more defined shape. I do like the more defined shape, but I hate how felt feels. I guess me not liking felt doesn't really matter because I'm not keeping these dolls and don't have to touch them every day. Anyways, I did all of this by hand because it's easier to fix your mistakes that way. I hate how their eyebrows look. I fucked up on them. I used my new fabric markers instead of my old ones and that was a terrible mistake. There are a bunch of other mistakes, but that's just the one that bothers me the most. I hope he's doing well with Greg.

A patchwork doll that looks somewhat like a rabbit. It has two long ears sticking out of a head that has two orange and blue button eyes. There is a green mouth sewn onto the face. The body is somewhat triangular and has two arms sticking out with odd shaped hands. The doll also has two legs with rounded feet. The doll consists of different patterns like chevron, tiger, stripes, abstract floral, solid greens, and some rectangles. The back of the doll. It looks similar to the front, but the patterns aren't in the same areas. There are some little pieces of fabric sewn onto it which also appears on the front of the doll.

This one looks so cool! I used a bunch of fabric scraps and I think they ended up looking so awesome. I had a lot of fun making this doll and was so happy to use my sewing machine again. I also had this idea to place a button on top of another button and was so excited to implement that idea onto this doll. I would like to make more dolls like this in the future.

a blue and tan doll laying down on a black chair. It has a blue round head with blue and green button eyes and a smile made out of blue and green buttons. The head is attached to a tan and blue dotted body with a string of beads. There are two beaded legs with blue feet that have the same tan and blue dotted pattern on the bottom of them coming out of the body. The same doll hanging off of a doorknob to show off the beaded neck and the beaded legs.

I had this idea to use beads for limbs. I should probably do some research on beadwork and how kandi bracelets are made since that's what I initially imagined how the limbs would look. I do like how this doll turned out, but I think I don't use bead limbs for necks anymore. I really like the face on this doll. I will definitely use buttons for mouths again. I also put buttons on top of other buttons for the eyes again. I think that's a super cool look and the button on top is like a pupil!

A pink and black and white doll sitting on a black chair. The head is a pink triangle with orange and yellow button eyes and a green mouth that was embroidered on. The head is attached to the body by two strings of black and white beads. The body is mostly rectangular shaped and is of a black and white floral print. There are pink buttons going down the middle of it. They have two long beaded arms with pink hands and two orange and yellow beaded legs with pink feet. The same doll, but it is hanging up on a hook to show off the long neck, the long arms, and the legs.

I messed up on this doll. I really did not want to undo my stitching so I just continued on. The head was sewn on backwards so the seam on the body is on the front instead of the back. This is why those buttons are there. They're supposed to hide the seam a bit. I also like the face on this doll! I was really missing adding a ton of eyes onto a doll and I tried to embroider the mouth on again.

A very large pink doll. It has a circular head with five growths coming out of it. Each growth has a string of beads hanging off the ends of them. Three of the growths have a colorful chevron pattern and two of them have a black and white floral pattern. The face of the doll has three white button eyes on the left side and one white button eye on the right side. The mouth is a rectangle piece of fabric sewn on. The body is much larger than the head. It gets larger as it goes to the bottom. The bottom of the doll is of an intricate pattern and there are two legs sticking out that are of the same black and white floral pattern. The back of the doll. It's the same as the front, but with no face. The legs are hidden.

This doll is so huge! I did not mean for this doll to be this large, but it just happened. Making this doll taught me that I really don't like using white buttons for eyes, but I have so many white buttons so I need to use them sometimes. At least it goes with this doll. I also wanted to use the bead idea for other things besides as limbs so I added some strings of beads to the ends of the pegs on this doll.

A doll that has a large, wide, plaid head with two little green cylindrical shaped growths coming out of the top. Each cylindrical shaped growth has a clear button eye sewn onto it. The head has a wide, highlighter green smile. There are three rows of beads hanging down from each side of the head. The body is also plaid with dark blue sides and the same green as the cylindrical growths on the bottom where the stubby feet are. The back of the doll that looks very similar to the front of the doll, but just lacks a face.

They look like a little froggy. I really like how this doll turned out. I like the string of beads on each side of the bottom of their head. It reminds me of bead curtains. I think this doll is also a really great size for a doll. It's not too small and and it's not too big. I also like how the bottom and the sides of their body are solid colors while the rest of the body is that plaid pattern. I really want to do more color blocking like that.

A purple doll with a pill shaped head and a very long thin neck and a round body that has one thin arm sticking out it. The head has two small purple horns coming out of the middle of it. The face is of two eyes with one winking. It has a brown tongue sticking out of the left side of the face. The arm has one hand with the thumb sticking up as if they are asking for a high five from you. They have two stubby feet at the bottom of their body. The back of the doll. Looks the same as the front, but lacks a face.

Tongue out! I wanted to make eyes out of fabric and so that's what I came up with! She's winking at you. I like the extremely thin and long neck that this doll has. You can easily grab onto it. The one outstretched arm is there so you can give her a high five every day. This is my first doll with no beads nor buttons. She was gifted to a friend and was named Plootie.

A very round purple doll with many eyes. It has one white button eye on the left of the face and many smaller button eyes on the right side of the face. The smaller button eyes are purple, pink, yellow, and blue. It has a wide squiggly green smile on its face. There are two legs coming out the bottom of it that are of a black and white floral pattern. The back of the doll. There is a tail coming out with a salmon colored puff of yarn at the end of it. The tail is of the same black and white floral pattern as the legs.

My, what many eyes they have. So many different angles to see all at once. They're just a purple blob with a tail and legs. I haven't brushed out yarn yet so I tested it out with this doll. I do like how it looks. I'm sure I'll use incorporate that into another doll in the future.

A three headed doll. The body is mostly square shaped with three different sized heads coming out of it. The head on the far left has a thin neck with a larger round head coming out. It has two button eyes and a large tongue sticking out. The head in the middle has a longer neck with a round head coming out of it. It also has two button eyes and a tongue sticking out. The last head on the right is much shorter with only one button eye and a tongue sticking out. The body is a striped fabric with their tongue having a more intricate pattern on it. Each head is wearing a beaded necklace. The underside of the doll. The body lacks the striped pattern and instead has an animal pattern on it. The tongues are still the same intricate pattern.

Multiple heads! Oh, how I missed making dolls with multiple heads! I went so long making dolls only with one head, but now I have made something special. Three perfect heads! I used metal buttons for two of them. I wanted them to have interesting buttons for eyes since I felt like the dolls before had much more simple buttons for eyes. I also gave them necklaces to wear! By the way, those are tongues coming out of their heads.

The two headed Johnster. It looks the same as the one above, but a bit more refined. Half of a young John Flansburgh has been sewn to half of a young John Linnell. Flansburgh is on the left and Linnell is on the right. Flansburgh is wearing a white button up shirt with brown pants. Linnell is wearing a dark blue turtleneck with black pants. They both have black button eyes. Flansburgh is wearing black glasses. The back of the doll. It looks the similar to the front.

I was commissioned to make another one of these dolls. I changed the template a little bit from the last one, but I think I want redo this altogether. I don't like how they've been turning out and I think I can do so much better. I still think this concept is really cool and I think I did well the first time around.

A doll sitting on top of the arm of a chair. The doll is made of different shades of blues and greens. It has a round head with a round body. The head has one purple button eye with three smaller white button eyes. They have two arms sticking out of the sides of their body. The arms are made of white and green beads. The ends of the arms have hands that are somewhat like claws. The doll also has two legs coming out of the body at the bottom. The legs are also made of beads like the arms and each have a foot at the ends of them. The feet are shaped somewhat like a trapezoid. The back of the doll. It looks the same as the front.

I'm expanding upon the bead limb thing. I did say I wasn't going to use it again for necks and so I didn't. Also, I got stuffing pellets so I was able to fill the bottom of this doll with that. I like the added weight of it. I used a bunch of old shirts for this doll. It's rather difficult to sew such stretchy material, but it all turned out fine for me. I like how this doll looks a lot. I would like to make more similar to it.

A patchwork doll hanging off of a hook that is attached to a door. The doll has a rectangular head with a triangular beak on the side of the head. There is a handle on the top of the head. The doll has two button eyes. The head comes out of the center of the wide body of the doll. There are two legs popping out horizontally of the butt of the doll with two more legs vertically coming out of the bottom. At the front of the doll's body are three more legs. One leg is coming out vertically from the bottom and two legs are coming out horizontally from the side. The other side of the doll. It's quite similar to the first side, but mirrored and the patchwork is slightly different. This side also has two button eyes.

This doll was made completely out of fabric scraps. I was able to stuff them with whatever I had left over. I really wanted to clear out my bag of fabric scraps, I HAD to get rid of them! They are not soft at all, but I enjoy their company. I've named them Chauncey because they remind me of a horse a bit and that name reminds me of horses for some reason. I really like the handle on their head. I would like to incoporate that into more dolls in the future. I also like that they have two faces. I should incorporate that into other dolls in the future, too!

A large doll with an oval shaped head and a circular body. The head and body are made up of a stripe pattern while the sides are a solid pink. The doll has a black and white floral pattern neck ruffle. The black and white floral pattern is also seen at the top of the head and the bottom of the body. The doll has ears that reach down do its neck. The top of the ears are brown while the underneath is an animal pattern. The doll has two white buttons for eyes, a white triangular nose, and a white mouth. The doll has two beaded legs with brown feet attached at the bottom. They have one beaded arm with a brown hand attached at the end of it. The back of the doll. It looks the same as the front, but lacks a face.

This doll ended up being larger than I thought they were going to be. I wanted to work with the bead limbs idea again and I'm kind of not liking it anymore. I absolutely hate sewing it down, it always ends up being a struggle. I just might have to plan it out better because all of the bead limbs stuff is made before I even have the whole doll planned out so ... it's just kind of not thought out well enough. I also feel like they don't look that cool. Maybe I just need to figure something out in the future and design them in a way that makes them look better and more like how I want them to be. One thing that I did with this doll is I actually gave them a nose and a mouth. I've given dolls mouths before, but never noses. I think I just need to practice embroidery more. This doll was also inspired by that blue doll above. I added a little collar on them because I felt like I should add more decorative details to my dolls. I think it looks super cool, but it's not as gathered as I would want it to be. I could have either made it longer in length or shortened the width a bit. Oh well! They've already been made. Overall, I think they look super awesome. This doll was named Jonesy.

A very small doll that is flat on the bottom, but rounded at the top. The face and back are made up of a black and white floral pattern while the sides are pink. The doll's face covers the entire front of it. The pupils, eyebrows, and mouth are all purple. The scleras on the doll are pink. The doll has one arm extending out for a high five that is purple on the right side of its body. The back of the doll. Looks the same as the front, but lacks a face and an arm.

I was working on something very important and wanted to use up the scraps for dolls so I made this little thing. Most of my dolls are quite large so I had to make something small this time around. This little guy almost had legs, but then I decided against it. I think the legs would have looked awful on them and I didn't want to deal with having to sew them on so they ended up with only one arm. I don't think I have done a sewn on face that much before so I did that again with this doll. I like how the face looks and should totally do more stuff like this especially when I don't have any buttons that I feel like would fit the doll. I can give them interesting expressions and it's a nice technique to use when I don't really know how to embroider.

A small pyramid shaped doll. It has four different sides with a square top and square bottom. The body is of a brown fabric with blue dots on it. The eyes are made of two white buttons with a white mouth sewn onto it. The doll has eight legs, two on each face of the body, that are sewn on with blue buttons. The back of the doll. You see the other four legs on this side.

What an octopus! The legs were going to be sewn into the seams at first, but I kind of hate doing that so they ended up being separate pieces attached by buttons. If that had been my original plan then I would have made the legs a bit longer. I enjoy the button idea and have been wanting to do it for awhile, but I don't like a few of the buttons that I used here. I went through a few of my bags to see which color had enough types of buttons that I needed. They had to have two holes and be of similar sizes and the blue bag had the most of that so that's what I ended up with. I wanted green, but that bag didn't have any buttons that fit what I needed. I finally figured out how to sew squares so the bottom of this creature looks pretty good, but the top isn't all that great. As you can see above the face the fabric is folding over which is not a good thing. Hopefully ones that I make after this one don't have that problem since I know what to do now. This little guy is stuffed with fabric scraps except for the legs.

A brown doll with a wide yellow smile embroidered on its face. It has two yellow eyes and a triangular yellow nose. The doll has an animal pattern on the sides of the body and head. They have two ears on their head that are yellow on the top and have a black and white floral pattern underneath. The doll has a striped neck ruffle. The doll has two beaded legs that have pink feet at the ends of it. The back of the doll. You see that the top of the head and the bottom of the body has the same striped pattern has the neck ruffle. The doll has no arms.

My friend sent me a few things so I created two younger siblings for Jonesy so they'd have something in return. I wanted them to have that classic dynamic of one being fat and short with the other being skinny and tall. I tried to make both of them look similar to Jonesy by using the same fabrics, but changing them around so they're not exactly the same. I gave this one no arms since Jonesy only has one. He still has two legs, though. This little guy is named Jasper.

A doll consisting of a tall thin head with a tall thin body. The body and head are of a black and white floral pattern with a stripe pattern on the sides. The doll has a neck ruffle that is made of an animal pattern. The doll has two ears that are brown on top and pink underneath. The face consists of two button eyes with a green embroidered nose and mouth. The doll has two arms of different shapes that is also brown on top and pink underneath. The doll has two legs made of beads on black yarn that has little brown feet on the ends of them. The back of the doll. You can see that the arms are sewn onto the body at the top of them with buttons.

Here is the second sibling that was created for Jonesy. This one is named Jubilee. Here is all three of them together. The thing that I dislike about Jubilee and Jasper is that the fabric used for their bodies blend in together unlike Jonesy's stripes. I liked his mismatched lines a lot and these two don't have anything like that. I tried to make the legs on Jubilee be different lengths as if he's still growing, but they ended up being similar in length. I intended for his arms to also look like they're still growing and those came out quite well. I really enjoy the different expressions on the three dolls.

A yellow and red doll standing on a couch. The doll has a large face with large eyes and tiny smile. The doll is blushing. The body of the doll has stripes and stars on it. The stripes are brown, yellow, orange, red, white, and green. The stars are blue, orange, red, green, and white on top of a yellow background. The doll has two stubby hands that are red sewn on each side of the body. The doll has strands of red hair made out of yarn coming out of its head. The back of the doll. It looks the same as the front, but lacks a face.

I wanted to try out the fabric face idea again so that's what I did here. I have a few old shirts in my fabric collection so I'm trying to use them for faces. Shirts are quite stretchy and I dislike sewing stretchy fabric and they aren't ever what I want to use for body parts since the shape that I am going for won't be able to hold if it's stretching out so much. I need to figure out how to make the legs look less odd in the crotch area. It's all bunched up and the legs tend to curl inwards, but I have an idea on how to fix that. I decided to give this doll hair because I need to do something with all of the yarn that I have. I like this little guy. They look so cute. They were named Coral.

A doll that looks somewhat of a cat. Their body is made of a grey fabric that has orange foxes on it. The inside of the ears are of a tiger print. The eyes are large and brown with black diamond shaped pupils that were embroidered on. The mouth and nose were also embroidered on. The doll has two legs that are sewn on the side of the body. The bottom of the body and the bottom of the legs have a tiger pattern on them. The back of the cat doll. It looks the same as the front, but is lacking a face.

A literal kitty cat. I have this onesie that I got from a friend years ago and would never actually wear it so I thought to use it for my dolls. The fabric doesn't seem to fray, but sewing it is weird. I would need some sort of stabilizer for next time. I should also use a stabilizer for the next time I embroider something on them so it's not bunching up like on the doll's eyes. I accidentally sewed the legs onto the wrong side, but I kept them like that because I think it gives the doll some character like as if they're looking at you in disdain.

An image of a plaid doll. The doll has a bulbous head with a thin neck and a large, wide body. They kind of look like an octopus. The eyes are made of two red large buttons. The smile is also made of red buttons. The doll has two stubby arms and two stubby legs. The back of the doll. It looks the same as the front, but just lacks a face.

This one reminds me of the octopus from Shark Tale for some reason. I wanted to do something simple for this doll and to use these two plaid shirts that I don't wear anymore. I probably could have designed this better so the bottom part didn't look so odd. They're just a simple doll, quite small, too. I wanted to resuse my idea of buttons for a mouth so that's what I did here. I think it's a cool look. I should use it for more dolls in the future.

A hand made doll sitting on a couch. It has a round head with alternating floral and pig patterns with a white smile and pink and brown buttons for eyes. There are white ears coming out of the top of the head. The neck is long and thin made of alternating brown and pink fabrics. The body is also round with the same alternating pig and floral patterns. There are pink arms and legs poking out of the body. There are also white wings in the back. The same doll sitting on the couch, but it's the back of it. You can see the white wings better this time and there is a pink tail poking out of the bottom of the body.

This doll has done for a commission. I actually went out and purchased new fabric for this doll. I really like this pig pattern on them. It looks so cute. The person who commissioned me wanted the doll to be pink and the store didn't have many patterns that had pink in them so I went with the pigs. I went with the brown to go with the mud that is in the pig pattern. The wings were added at the last second because I realized that I had made the ears white so I needed some other appendage that was white since the arms, legs, and tail are all pink.


Two pins of the heads of John Flansburgh and John Linnell laying down on a couch. Their hair and glasses are made of felt, their skin is made of polyester cotton, and their eyes are black buttons. Their noses and mouths were embroidered on. Flansburgh's facial hair was drawn on with a fabric marker. Another version of the John head pins, but slightly different since the templates for them changed a bit. These two head pins are laying down on a bed instead.

Here are some John head pins. They're a bit large. I made the ones on the left first. I don't like them that much mainly because of Flans. I feel like his glasses are too far up. His forehead just seems too small compared to his actual forehead. I also do not like how his nose turned out on that one. I also don't really like how his beard turned out, but I just feel like I didn't plan things out very well. I think the Linnell one looks rather cute, though. I also really like the buttons that I used for their eyes. The ones on the right look much better to me. I threw away the template that I made for the ones on the right after I finished them so I had to make them again from scratch. The only thing that I don't like that much about the second ones is Linnell's hair. His hair looked better to me before. Overall, the second ones look a lot cooler and they're also a bit smaller. These don't take as long to make compared to other things I've made which is awesome. I would like to make more things similar to this in the future.