Mini Chessmaster

An image showing the progress of the miniature Chessmaster. The guitar is made of cardboard and is being held together by some tape and rubber bands to keep the pieces attached while the glue dries. The guitar in progress on top of Babysister that showcases the size of it. The guitar in progress again. It now has all of the little details on it, but has not been painted yet.

For some reason I wanted to make a miniature version of the Mojo Chessmaster. I am not so sure why I wanted to do that, but I did. I started this in March 2019 and also finished it in the same month. In my 3D design class we had been working with cardboard a lot (we did two projects with it) and so having a better knowledge on how to work with cardboard made me want to make something out of cardboard for fun. Here are some pictures of the guitar in progress.

The final cardboard miniature Chessmaster. It is a golden guitar with a wooden neck. There are some knobs in the corner of the body and also has some sort of dial. It is leaning against a stack of books. The back of the guitar leaning on a stack of books. The body is black and the neck is lighter brown. Babysister holding the finished Chessmaster.

I made it large enough so that it would fit Babysister!!! She is the only one out of my three children that can play guitar anyways. All I used for it was cork (on the inside), cardboard, acrylic paint, wood glue, and thread. I wanted to make it out of things that I already owned. I used the wood glue as a varnish, but that wasn't really a good idea. It made the back of the body look more blue than a very dark red which is what color it should be. I now have glossy mod podge which I didn't have before so that's great! That will definitely be used whenever I make another one since I don't like this one very much. I know where to improve. I could also get glossy paint for it next time.