I have a slight interest in animation, but I'm not one to work on it often. Here is some stuff that I've made so far. I'm personally interested in rotoscoping and stop motion, but I have not done any stop motion yet. Maybe in the future I will!

Puppet Head

A gif of multiple sketches put together of John Linnell and John Flansburgh dancing. Linnell is in the bottom left corner holding his accordion on his chest and has his arms up in the sky. Flansburgh is on the right and also has his arms up in the sky. A more refined sketch of the gif before. There's an added brown border.

I started this piece in December 2018 and I finished it June 2019. This took me longer than I wanted it to. Here are some progress gifs. Someone else made the original gif and I wanted to draw over it for some reason. I had this idea that whenever I got a copy of Direct From Brooklyn I would try to recreate the gif from my DVD so I would have something larger to draw over, but I never did that. I was also inspired by this one rotoscope drawing of a scene from the music video for "Ana Ng" that I see reposted a lot on tmbgareok. During this time I had started this style of lining things regularly, but the shading is geometric and I really wanted to do that with this. The one with red lines was my original sketch and then the one with purple lines and a dark brown border was my second sketch. I like how the lines change color in the second sketch. You can tell I was working on other stuff while in the middle of this. This wasn't my first time rotoscoping, but it was my first time taking it more seriously.

The same gif, but the lines are more refined again. Some parts are filled in with dark brown like Linnell's accordion, his shirt, his hair, and his eyes. Flansburgh's hair is colored in with dark brown. The same gif as before, but some shadows were added in. Linnell gained his keys and buttons on his accordion.

Here are some more progress gifs. One is with just the final lines and some things already shaded in that I knew were going to stay all brown and then the second being just the lines with shading. I had a plan to add much more different hues to this drawing and some more value, but that would have taken me much longer to finish this gif and I thought it looked really cool with just the dark brown for the shading.

The gif fully finished with color and shading. John Linnell is dancing with his arms up in the air in the bottom left corner. Flansburgh is dancing with his arms up in the air on the right. Flansburgh is wearing a brown suit with a white button up underneath. The background is teal. The exact same gif, but the background is yellow.

Here are the finished pieces. I originally planned to actually recreate what was behind them, but I didn't want to spend any longer on it. I couldn't figure out which color I liked best for the background. I think I like the teal better because it can be interpretated as being the sky and also it isn't similar to the yellows on Linnell's accordion like with the yellow background. I think both colors go with the drawing well, though.

Science Johns

This one that I was working on that I might revisit at some point in time. I started this in June 2019. The whole idea of it is to mimic that style that David Cowles had for the Johns on Here Comes Science and apply it to a realistic version of them. I really wanted to do some more stylized rotoscoping and of course this one also has to do with They Might Be Giants. I wanted to rotoscope a simple interview of them where they are both moving, but not too much. I definitely did not want the camera to move since that would mean I would have to draw a background multiple times or at least would have to move it a bit. I wanted to use an interview from the Here Comes Science era, but didn't find one that I particularly liked that much so I used this one instead. I am only doing a brief part of it and I plan on adding the audio to it in the end.

A gif of John Flansburgh and John Linnell sitting down and talking. The lines are black and are a bit fuzzy. They're both wearing lab coats with a button up and tie underneath and black pants. There's a line of blue behind Flansburgh for his color and there's a line of yellow behind Linnell for his color. The background is a quickly colored drawing of a room with two chairs that each John are sitting in, a plant that is behind their two chairs, and a table that is off to the left corner of the drawing that has a magazine and water bottle on top of it.

Here is some progress stuff. I was stupid to not look at the frames before the one that I was working on so their ties and collars move around a lot. I would most likely just redo this whole thing from the beginning if I wanted to revisit it. I don't like how I did the background so I would want to redo that, too. I think it looks really cool so far, though. I really like watching Linnell move his arms up and placing his hands on top of his head. It's quite mesmerizing.

Nightcore of the Sullen Moon

I made this as a joke because my friend accidentally typed "nightcore" instead of "nightgown." The nightcore part was made in one day and I did the little animation in two days. I forgot how much I enjoyed drawing them. At first I thought to do something anime-esque or draw chibi versions of the Johns like how a lot of nightcore videos have, but I couldn't quite get the style correct so I just did this instead. It's best to just stick with what I know and draw these cute little Johns instead of some other cute little Johns.