2D Art

Here is a little compilation of some of my favorite things that I've drawn over the years. The newer pieces are at the top and the older ones are at the bottom. I hope you like them. Scroll down to look at my zines. All zines are completely free. If you want a physical copy of one then please email me at seymourgalore@gmail.com. Thank you!

Digital and Traditional

A drawn image of Italian actor Roberto Benigni on the telephone. He has one hand holding the receiver up to his ear and the other hand is hovering over the base of the phone as if he is in the middle of dialing a new number. A digital drawing of three people sitting in chairs around a small round table. They are drinking coffee and smoking. The person in the middle is reading a newspaper called 'TMB TRIBUNE' and the headline says 'Local indie rock band warps time on stage.' At that top of the piece, it says 'TMBP and Friends Present Covers By Order.' A digital painting of a man's face with a Rilakkuma plush in front of him. Steve from Blue's Clues is posing for Marky, Blue, and Chalk Girl. Marky is behind a large canvas, Blue has a notebook, and Chalk Girl has a chalkboard. The background is made of construction paper and the objects that the characters are drawing on are pictures of the actual object instead of being a drawing of them. A compilation of different characters. There is text around it that says 'Who are you?' 'You have something in your hair. I will get it out for you, friend,' 'Come to me,' 'This is going to work right now,' 'Hello!' 'Hey!' and 'How ya doin?' There are many shapes drawn around these characters. A young John Flansburgh at an airport with two people in Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse costumes. Flansburgh does not look amused. Five angels crowding around a human. The angels are saying to him 'Come here. Over here. Come to us. We need you to come here. I have some thing for you here.' The man says to them back 'Do not touch me, little one! I will never be anything like you. Stay away from me today and forever! Stay back, fiend!' There are some lines and dots drawn around the angels and human. A person with their back to us. There is text on their jacket that says 'Become mass produced today you fool.' There is text next to them that says 'If you're looking for something interesting and new then just go into your backyard and dig some holes. It's all extremely important for you to do so.' There are a bunch of lines, squiggles, dots, and other shapes around the entire piece. A black and white drawing of John Flansburgh's profile. He is singing into a microphone. A drawing of a young John Flansburgh. It is from his chest up. He is smiling and has one hand next to his head with the other hand resting below that wrist.


A drawing consisting of three dustmites forming a triangle. Above them it says 'steve burns.' Below them it says 'songs for dustmites' with 'fanzine' below that.