Calico Critters

Apple and Jake's Ride 'n Play

Three Calico Critters on a desk. Jake the squirrel is on the left in his pink tricycle that has a yellow basket in the back. Jake is wearing a green outfit. Apple the bunny is on the right in her dark pink car with yellow steering wheel. She is wearing a pink outfit. Gwyneth the bunny is behind them in the middle. She is the mother of Apple and is wearing a pink floral dress with white apron.

Tuxedo Cat Family

A family of black and white cats. The father is on the far left and is all black. He is wearing a short sleeve white shirt with a green tie. He is wearing silver pants. The mother is right next to him. She is white with black spots. She is wearing a green dress. The older daughter is on the right and looks the same as the mother, but is slightly shorter and is wearing a pink dress. The youngest daughter is in the front. She also looks like the mother. She is wearing a yellow outfit.

Baby Party Series

An otter in a pink gift box. The top of the gift box is sitting on their head. They are holding a blue fish in front of them. They are wearing a blue outfit.